Brandon “Land” King and his Insanity T-Shirt

Congratulations to East Cleveland Ohio City Councilman Brandon “Land” King for staying focused on buying up as much East Cleveland property he can.  Whether it be from friends he meets in Bedford Ohio or his own brother this young man is determined to make some money at our Monopoly property game.

Kudos once again to the team from THE Word Church who declined to take FREE Land being offered by the bankrupt city of East Cleveland Ohio.    Pastor and staff just need to come up with a reasonable amount they can donate to our failing city and the land is all theirs.  By the way THE Word Church said when this free land thing stated that they did not want to participate in the free land give-away.  Now is there anyone in East Cleveland to just go and talk to the mega-church staff to come-up with a reasonable price for the land?

This summer Brandon “LAND” King decided to put in a bid to purchase the land behind the East Cleveland Public Library despite the fact that land rightfully belonged to the library.  According to “LAND” King this land is directly behind all of the property his family owns therefore it should be sold for next door lot price of $99 each.

All was going well for Mr. King until the story came to and this site made sure that everyone in North East Ohio knew about the dealings of this youthful land baron and the sale to King was halted.  Now King claims to have paid over $600 to get the property appraised and he, King wants his money from the EC Library.

Sort of a “Thug Action” as King and the members of the Neighborhood Advisory Board all kowtow to the needs of making this land king whole.  It appears that the only thing that makes this land King  According to King in a statement to the group, he wants the property he has requested or there may be litigation and “You don’t Want That.”

With that said launched probe to find out more about the Durrah Family and their Appraisal Business.

Before sending this story over to the website I was asked to go to the fortress on Lakeside Ave in Cleveland to give them all of my source data however I declined to do so at this time.


There are lots of tax cases where the eldest Durrah appears to be upset with paying Real Estate Taxes and it appears that he has had experience with having a property sold by the Sheriff of Cuyahoga County.    His other records are confidential and not available for print.street-repairs

Some people mentioned that the young unlicensed Donald Durrah Jr conducted some appraisals for pay and as Brandon King mentions in the video attached to this story that there are no receipts given.  With all of this continuing research it appears that the East Cleveland Library should be given this property and Brandon “LAND” King needs to consider some of the ramifications of this now continuing investigation into property sales around East Cleveland City Hall.More videos will be added when they complete upload using the very slow AT&T Uverse service we are stuck with in East Cleveland.

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  1. Damon Durrah says:

    my comment is about the Durrah Family. your info is wrong their are others named Durrah and Clarence is the wrong person clarence has nothing to do with this and you put him in the mix i know cuz he is my uncle.all Durrah’s are not related chump. get shit right

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