EC Police Chief Spotts Resigns or is going to resign?


Please confirm or deny the rumor that spotts resigned.

There’s a rumor that Jack Johnson sent a letter to the clergy saying he resigned because of council. We’ve already confirmed that you’ve worked that ridiculous statement into your growing body of lies.

Hope Jack’s not that stupid. That would be admitting that he did not want to answer council’s questions about the city’s finances or why he kept spending in excess of the 2012 appropriations ordinance. An idiotic confession like that would tell Seven Hills City Council not to trust Johnson…immediately.

Only a complete fool would think that story makes sense. Come on Gary. Admit that you made it up all by yourself. Jack ain’t that stupid.

Is it true you and Jack gave Dave Yost a financial recovery plan that didn ‘t include financial projections? Damn dude. That’s funny.

Then you blamed it on council at the same time you’re telling preachers he quit because he didn’t like council. Duh? How can they be responsible for a plan when he’s not answering questions or following the budget they approved? State law gave you and Jack the duty to prepare the plan. Only a stupid person would think a dumb story like that would fly without considering it might backfire. That story would reach Seven Hills city council. They could easily reconsider Jack’s appointment if his council relations are viewed as bad. You’re not doing Jack any favors with that” jacked up” story.

Gary, you would do well to just shut up. Don’t say anything. Don’t answer any questions. Don’t try to explain anything. Just shut up.

You have stretched your lips so out of shape they look like your foot’s permanently attached to your mouth.

Come on Mr. Mayor. Give us a quote.

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  1. Valery Hill says:

    What? Chief Spotts has resigned? That’s wonderful. If the law director will graciously resign, as well, that’s even better. And if Clinkscale and Smedley get the hint and leave, the city of East Cleveland will surely rest easier. Goodbye to bad rubbish!

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