We have two branches of Government in EC

In trimming out waste our mayor Gary Norton has cut-out the need for City Council as a separate branch instead making them just another one of his departments.  Norton has managed to not follow any of the resolutions passed by the former city council and the 2015 group.   Mayor Norton and Judge William Dawson are the two branches of government in control at this point.  The mayor has to be darn nice to Judge Dawson because he is the only person bringing in cash for us to pay the bills.   Mayor Norton please make sure to let the judge win anything he wants from discussions to sporting events.

East Cleveland City Council passed an ordinance that prohibits idling cars to save fuel costs.    Mayor Gary “Durango” Norton actually ordered a remote starter in his 2014 Durango and runs his car long times to allow the heated seats to be ready for his drive home.  See these videos where the car runs, Norton cuts it off and then comes down to drive away in the eyes of 44112News.com.

Time to drive away and act like everything is cool but the Mayor broke a resolution that he signed into law himself under the last city council group.chance6

There really is no need to go though city council in regards to setting up a new business and the ones opened up on Euclid Ave simply had to meet with the EC Chief of Staff Michael Smedley and or the Mayor to get permission to start commerce. The mayor took over The Board for Zoning Appeals meeting simply by saying everything is approved. Watch this video below and see for yourself.

Clearly this current group of East Cleveland City Council has no power and as one of the Mayors divisions they must bow to his wishes. Even outgoing Law Director Ronald Riley was forced to file for a new trial in the East Cleveland City Council Clerk case full knowing that it would be granted. Perhaps now Riley will be able to tell what happened to him being forced to file cases that should have been settled.   Mayor Gary Norton has not had to veto a single thing conjured up by this city council and all cries for help including City Council getting a working machine have been not well received by the mayor.

Holding strong is the Judicial Department with Judge, William L. Dawson Presiding. This is the only thing helping East Cleveland to pay employees and some bills as needed. Without the judge there would be no happy holidays to everyone from the top floor to the bottom. We challenge anyone to find one resolution passed by East Cleveland City Council that has been followed by our monarch in charge, his royal highness Gary N. Norton Jr. Please LeBron James don’t put your arm around our mayor in East Cleveland because that would be a big faux pas.

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