Probable Cause of Death: “Healthcare Bills NOT Paid “


The unfortunate death of East Cleveland Detective Sgt. Kyle Cunningham to cancer comes as a shock to EC Residentssafe_image and people all over the world.  “He was a good cop” is just one of the many things people have called to get involved into what we could have done to make this situation better.  What we have found is that delays in getting Kyle Cunningham’s health bills may have prohibited the hospital from providing the best care.  Not being on the job put a strain on his family and everyone counting on Detective Cunningham.

Besides being on the East Cleveland Police force, Kyle Cunningham was a good man to everyone he came in contact with and his intuitive instinct made East Cleveland a better place to live in and while his immediate family will miss him, so will the people in East Cleveland.

FIRST – Since getting public records from Mayor Norton require a case to the Ohio Supreme Court we have no idea just how much debt the Cunningham family is in over health bills and the need for Mayor Gary Norton to just pay some of the bills the EC Fire Department complained about on television news.  Perhaps Auditor of State Dave Yost can help us get this matter taken care so his staff is being sent correspondence for help going through what went wrong and plans for us to do something now to help this family.

Many East Cleveland Residents want to help this family out of the debt that quite possibly since it was not paid might have been the cause of his death.  Hopefully this family will set-up a bank account to handle the donations and perhaps some pressure to Mayor Gary Norton might get the past due bills taken care.

SECOND – This website was set-up to ferret the truth in East Cleveland and HELP people of all types, colors,  shapes, sizes without consideration of what they do for a living.  There are MANY good people working at East Cleveland City Hall including police, fire, and the behind the scenes people that many just don’t get the chance to see or meet.

As a result of running this now global site seen by people on their cellular telephones we now realize the power behind our many world wide readers and ask for help making this unfortunate situation correct.   Bottom Line is our Mayor Gary Norton Jr. came up with the idea to make us self-insured however there was no money to make this anything more than paper money shown on an accounting spreadsheet.What this means is our firefighters, and police who need to have healthcare as a priority are leaving our city to find other places to work at.   The Cunningham family needs OUR Help getting the past due health bills that Mayor Gary Norton Jr. told Auditor of State Dave Yost would be paid for though this mysterious self-insurance fund but the Cunningham bills need to be paid.

FINDSC00157E-1024x768ALLY – Needless to say there are a ton of expenses now being incurred by the Cunningham family and our city does not have any funding to give them help.  Since Mayor Gary Norton Jr. has remained silent on money help for this family it is up to the readers of to get active and demand help.  Let’s make this very unhappy holiday season for the Cunningham Family a little bit better by taking off the strain of past due medical bills and current expenses.

Should the family have a bank account for donations we will add it online.

Email us: or just post a response for everyone to see right here.

Writers Note:  I lost my mother and both grandmothers from Cancer as well as many family members including the story of Detective Cunningham and what that family is up against is the reason I wrote this entry.  Sometimes people just have to unite to make things better and this is one such time.  Together we stand, Divided we fall.  It’s time to show the world that East Cleveland people have hearts of gold.


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