East Cleveland Person of the year – 2014

This is our first time giving out any type of award or recognition to someone who has made a positive impression on us here at 44112News.com and the people of East Cleveland.  Our selection had to be one person who has brought happiness to our daily lives here either through helping people or just having an event that opened up our minds.

Selecting the Person of the Year was difficult to say the least and there were three very positive people considered starting with East Cleveland Public Library Executive-Director Sheba Marcus-Bey who certainly made this year a fantastic time to be a friend of the library.  At first we at 44112News.com did not know much about my Marcus-Bey and she certainly knew very little about us but as the year went by she became one of our favorite people in East Cleveland.

Next person who came at the end of the year would be one of our choices to run for Mayor of East Cleveland as he has made sure that the residents of Elm Avenue are safe.  Kelvin Earby does not say much but his rants and raves just may have saved the children and people from harm as Mr. Earby organized and brought to justice a sexual predator and squatter on his street.  As our second candidate he surely won the appreciation of everyone in East Cleveland Ohio.

So we have met Sheba Marcus-Bey and Kelvin Earby  and they certainly are top of the list for us but one East Cleveland Resident rose to the top of our list but our Person of the Year is someone who quietly does what they can do for East Cleveland with little or no recognition.  A person who needs help from everyone out there but instead takes what little he has to help others.

Our 2014 Person of the Year is Mr. Lee Adams the host of Lee Adams Spiritual Airwaves of East Cleveland on WERE Radio A.M. 1490 Friday Afternoons from 5 PM to 6 PM.  Lee Adams is a lover of good old gospel music and plays some of the music featured himself.   Mr. Adams has not been in the best of health and his car sometimes breaks down but somehow he manages to air his gospel hour on the radio.  He certainly could use any donations and contributions to keep the only talk show featuring East Cleveland Ohio on the radio.

Newstalk 1490

    In addition to this Lee Adams stays aware of what is going on in the city of East Cleveland through appearances at City Council and even has had city movers and shakers as guests on his show.

Our Person of the Year in 2014 is Mr. Lee Adams.  

Make sure you can take time out to say something nice to the three people mentioned in this blog entry.  It would also be nice if a few folks could sponsor the Lee Adams Show with a donation or by calling his radio talk show.   Congratulations Mr. Lee Adams because you are the 2014 Person of the Year in East Cleveland Ohio and our city takes time out to thank you and our nominees for what  you all have done to make this city special.

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