Our heads in East Cleveland Must Screw off and On

The first East Cleveland Ohio City Council Meeting of 2015 and it was only about giving Mayor Gary Norton more money to play with and spend.  The meeting proved to all in attendance that Norton could care less about anything they say as he walked out of the meeting when people wanted to vent about current things such as the closing of Helen S. Brown and reverse racism (White Out).

As one of the most dedicated city council meeting attendees I have attended more EC Council meetings than most.  I have to ask myself whether or not I am just as crazy as the people who attended last nights meeting and allowed Norton to disrespect me or was I and everyone in shock.  We all got snubbed and that includes anyone from East Cleveland just watching the tapes of this meeting as Lil’ Gary just showed his tail walking right out the door to not hear any of the citizen complaints or comments.


The only showing of hope was EC Councilman Nathaniel Martin not voting with his Illuminati constituents on HUD Funds.  The vote was to give Norton more money to spend on fruitless things like his $70 thousand dollar Dodge Durango Truck paid in cash.  Residents were highly upset watching Norton remote start and have heated driver and passenger seats to leave before the meeting ended.

Norton walks out

Norton walks out

Although Martin’s Nay vote shows a small showing of hope and the fact that Mansell Baker did not show for this meeting gives some hope.  Unfortunately with two seats up for grabs this year the only way to stay in power is to make a blood sacrifice to Gary Norton.  The two law directors both got the “hell” out of East Cleveland before they became drafted into the insanity of the little demon.

Too bad about the reverse racism  and the fact that most white people would have gone to the F.B.I. rather than stay under the Norton reign and therefore all that is left to do is to harass the only non-black employee on the administrative side of the building until she quits.

illuminati004It’s sad that no one cares to speak up when the Mayor walks out on them and since he and Brandon “LAND” King appear to be blood brothers the people of East Cleveland have no chance but to find a priest to exorcise the devil out of city hall or stay in their house and allow the evil to run a muck.

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