Lies – About Sterlyn Ezell – Murdered in EC Jail 2012

Sterlyn L. Ezell
One of the stories this website continues to bring out in the open despite the fact that East Cleveland Police have manged to clean up the scene and not provide the Ezell family and some EC Citizens anything that makes sense.  EC City Council when asked about an investigation tell one citizen that it will indeed take place yet none ever surfaced.

The family tried to get legal help but the lawyers contacted acted scared to fighting with Mayor Gary Norton and his band of cops.   How, Why, would Sterlyn kill himself with his T-Shirt in less than 30 minutes into being placed in EC Jail.  The charge was not serious enough to warrant hanging himself but that is the story given out to the media.

Perhaps the fact that Sterlyn spit on some of the EC Cops and called them name names might have been the reason why this all happened.  Strange thing is that everyone in the jail at this time has managed to stay silent or been put in prison before anyone could talk to them.

To the Federal Bureau of Investigation Team attached to this city I am personally asking you all to dig into this case and find the truth out.  It’s going to be a tough one since everyone involved has taken blood oath to stay silent but even the best Illuminati plans can be defeated with some help from above.

Reference to this case are found at:


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