Jimmy and Frank Week in East Cleveland Ohio

Sandy Klimkowski helped us get Dimora

Sandy Klimkowski helped us get Dimora

This week we change the pace and provide helpful tips for East Cleveland Ohio Mayor Gary Norton and his Chief of Staff Michael Smedley from former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora and County Auditor Frank Russo.   While both men struggle to have something keeping them alive and well in jail where they now reside perhaps some of their struggle will help Norton and Smedley at this time.


Traffic Cam Covers Against Law

As a reporter I have found myself involved in some of the strangest investigations every imagined however the path to Dimora and Russo started at the regular county commissioners meeting where Jimmy would turn his back on me while I talked.  This of course led me to search out and find his weakest link in this case it was the entire Maple Heights Ohio School Board.  Always follow the money and it will lead you right to what is really happening.

In East Cleveland it’s not all about money it involves drugs, police activity and maybe even a murder or two to compound this investigation.  For Dimora and Russo they had surrounded themselves with a group of greedy people who wanted to hide what was going on.  For federal agents this who job became much easier as the link between Dimora and Maple Heights schools was established.
DIMORA,_JAMES_C_20130822140754_320_240While EC Mayor Norton does not hold many of the lavish barbecue events like Dimora did his sidekick and Chief of Staff Smedley is out of control.  It truly will be Michael Smedley who brings down Gary Norton in the end and all of the many others involved at this point who will sing like canaries.  Frank-Russo_20130918085009_320_240

So this week we share tips and tricks used by Jimmy Dimora to get Gerald Strothers off their backs that did not work too well for them but may just be the trick for Gary and Michael.

Who will be the key person to sing like a canary in East Cleveland?   Find out as we spell the entire strategy out to everyone.

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