EC Mayor Gary Norton pushes for merger

IMG_0684A cold weekend of no heat at East Cleveland City Hall caused severe damage from frozen pipes and water leakage.  Despite the water on deck East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton says his city does not have enough debt to declare bankruptcy.  Instead Norton plans to push East Cleveland Ohio citizens into merging with the City of Cleveland where he will be assured of representing the new City of Cleveland Ward. 

Norton plans on recording public access channel television spots which will repeat over and over telling residents merger is our best choice and not bankruptcy.  Despite East Cleveland City Council wanting for the city to declare bankruptcy which will prevent any further utility shut-offs and give the city a chance to explore other options.   In his annual State of the City Address he is expected to talk about his plan and how it will benefit citizens.

Right now East Cleveland is living on a day to day basis with critical issues like no heat or busted water pipes causing issues that might tamper with the city funds for payroll.  At present payroll is being met with help from Judge William Dawson who is doing everything he can to get court costs and fees paid immediately.



East Cleveland residents will have to decide whether or not to join Mayor Norton with his gentrification plan or to remove Norton from the mayors office though a recall petition.  If residents recall Norton it might give another person a chance to try out new methods that don’t include merger with Cleveland Ohio or surrounding cities.

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