Tuesday 1/13/2015 – 5 PM & 6 PM* – Cold Meetings at City Hall

IMG_0691This week in East Cleveland continues to bring excitement and twists and turns each day and Tuesday is nothing but fun.  There will be a Personnel and Appointment and a Special Council Meeting back to back starting at 5:00 PM.

City Councilman Nathaniel Martin holds his Personnel and Appointments committee meeting with Brandon “LAND” KIng and Thomas Wheeler and that meeting is expected to have an Executive Session to talk about up and coming litigation or charges.  There still is no list of people recently “rehired” as Mayor Gary Norton likes to say rather than just say he keeps on hiring new personnel.DSC04939

Keep in mind that there still is very little if any heat in City Hall so dress warmly for both meetings and perhaps if enough residents show up things could get heated.  Keep in mind that the public is not invited to say or ask a single thing at the Personnel and Appointments committee meeting.

Mayor Norton has managed to get a loan from the Cuyahoga County Executive Arnold Budish, continuing the relationship started with former Executive Ed Fitzgerald.  Norton will use the entire HUD Fund which was supposed to go on housing.  To get this loan Norton will give that deposit the HUD Funds  to Huntington Bank to get his new snow trucks once the city defaults on this loan the bank will keep the HUD Money.  Money will be parked in Huntington Bank for security.   SEE News Five story from Michael Baldwin filed 1/12/2014 (Click Here)


Cancelled Meeting – Tonight at 6:00 PM EST East Cleveland Ohio City Council will pass something that really is just cosmetic because the Mayor has already purchased and received financing  for his two new snow plow trucks.  Even if city council does not approve the emergency resolution the trucks have already been ordered and should be here shortly.  Thus City Council has NO POWER in East Cleveland as the mayor continues to do the things he wants with our without their help.   (*THIS MEETING AT 6:00 PM HAS BEEN CANCELLED)

The State Financial Board meeting is tentatively for January 21, 2015, 1 PM, East Cleveland Public Library.  That meeting should be a barrel of laughs as they look over the things that have happened since last meeting.


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