Criminal Charges against Gary Norton – Really?

Before former Assistant Law Director Deborah Blade could make her escape from the sinking ship called East Cleveland City Hall she received a serious letter from EC Councilman Nathaniel Martin included for all to see here.  (Click Here To See Adobe .pdf LetterDSC00246

In that letter Councilman Martin asked the local Law Director to file charges against her employer and boss Gary Norton.  This would have come under the Whistle-blower Laws both state and federal had Blade decided to file charges.   She clearly could not have just filed charges and get fired by her employer without having protection through whistle-blower laws.

Instead of Acting Law Director Deborah Blade doing anything she simply resigned from the job in East Cleveland leaving this letter up in the air.  Of course Nathaniel Martin and any citizen could ask the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty to pursue this case in lieu of any such prosecution in East Cleveland.  Such a tactic was done several years ago by the staff here at and filmed live on Fox 8 News. McGintyPD That case relied upon City Council Member coming forward as a united force to prosecute Gary Norton however none of those members joined the action and the case did not move forward.

If Martin and others are going to be successful they must file and affidavit to cause prosecution Ohio Revised Code § 2935.09 Person having knowledge of offense to file affidavit – official review before complaint filed with County Prosecutor Tim McGinty which only requires a short visit to the County Prosecutors Office downtown Cleveland.   There is no way anyone will give up their job by filing charges against their boss without Whistle-blower protection in place and Deborah Blade did the logical thing, she resigned.

It’s “Frank and Jimmy” week on and this time we find out whether or not anyone from East Cleveland is willing to stand up and file the charges indicated by Nathaniel Martin in his letter or are we just spinning wheels like most of the people in East Cleveland.    If the people plan on doing this action they should also add malfeasance in office in their charge list.

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