Nathaniel Martin all alone filing criminal charges against Mayor

DSCF5117Last nights East Cleveland City Council Meeting was attended by three residents and even two of them walked out before the fun started.  Our first meeting was actually a committee meeting headed by Nathaniel Martin with Brandon “LAND” King, Thomas Wheeler as members.

DSCF5098 Reporting for the meeting dressed in a Ohio State Buckeye Shirt EC Human Resources Director Anna Marie Smith who attempted to give a report about new or rehired personnel.  When the topic got to the service department where a mutiny took place leaving them without a supervisor the meeting got hot.

It appears that  part time worker was elevated to Acting Supervisor of the service department because no one else wanted the job and the young man took on the responsibilities for a small increase over his previous hourly wage.   Ms. Smith was quick to report that this previous laborer was not getting the full supervisors pay and that he was no longer in the very small union anymore.

We apologize for the delay in getting videos uploaded using AT&T Uverse Pro which is supposed to be their fastest internet service but it takes us nearly 24 hours to upload videos sometimes.  Despite repeated complaints the whole matter comes down to East Cleveland not having fiber optic cables running from Euclid Ave to any of the streets.  East Cleveland has no choice of internet services and the cable contract is up needing to be changed.  Time Warner, AT&T, Verizon are all waiting to negotiate with the city but no one is talking and East Cleveland Cable and internet is the worst in the world.   By the way AT&T gives us refunds but that does not help us to upload videos and no one complaining about East Cleveland Cable keeps them in place rather than us have our choice of better service from any of the companies we see advertised.  



DSCF5125  The meeting was scheduled to end at 6:00 PM with the full council meeting to vote on a resolution to give to Huntington Bank pertaining to lease/purchase two brand new snow plow trucks.   But as we have in East Cleveland that meeting was cancelled hours before it was supposed to happen.  Only a few folks got that memo cancellation so the normally short committee meeting was extended.

Joining the party was seldom seen Chief of Staff Michael Smedley with a special guest brought to talk at the council meeting.   Mayor Norton showed up to complete the entourage however council members explained that the second meeting was cancelled.   This of course did not sit well with the mayor and when Councilman Martin decided to take his meeting into executive session the mayor immediately objected.

At that point all of the full council was present something that there would be a second meeting however the second meeting was cancelled but they all were invited to stay for an executive session.  None of the council concurred with Martin and the mayor proceeded to lecture on how they can not hold private meeting to talk about filing charges against himself.DSCF5100

There was a lot of confusion and never an executive session so Nathaniel Martin moved to adjourn the meeting and it was second by Brandon King thus ending the meeting.  HOWEVER Mayor Norton decided that the meeting was still going on and with council members Thomas Wheeler and Brandon King still there the mayor attempted to tell them the meeting was still going.

At that point Martin, Council President Barbara Thomas and Mansell Baker walked out of the room thus ending anything the mayor was trying to make happen.  Despite repeated attempts from Mansell Baker and Barbara Thomas to see what was going on none of them actually entered the room so even if Mayor Norton take-over could have a chance it was soundly defeated.

HOWEVER, the bankruptcy lawyer really wanted to tell some information she personally felt could help East Cleveland out in regards to what should be done.  With that in mind our camera was loaded and one of the first videos to upload will be her presentation.

Please check back as the day continues for the rest of the meeting and videos as they complete uploading on YouTube by way of AT&T Uverse.  We are looking for anyone else in East Cleveland Ohio who is ready for us to get some good cable and internet service rather than what we have now with East Cleveland Cable.  Is there anyone there tired of the “Norton Network” on cable channel nine or the fact that our cable company does not have most prime channels?ECcableLogo

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