Ca$h Corners – East Cleveland Ohio Most Dangerous Speed Traps

Spend a day in East Cleveland Municipal Court Judge William Dawson’s court and you will be wondering why he is not on television. The court operates much like some of the better known television judges and provides simple and easy to understand decisions.  
For East Cleveland people it’s a good thing Mayor Gary Norton hogs up all of the public access found on cable channel 9 for him (Norton Network). With no cameras in the court room Judge Dawson is East Cleveland’s best secret and this judge loves the people and city he is a native son of in EC.

To do a fair and honest story concerning complaints from residents for flashing red light tickets being issued it had to start in court. Also a longer than what TV News can provide showing what is happening at the corners of Euclid and Forest Hills Blvd and Euclid and Belmore Road.

The practice of making residents and visitors to East Cleveland put in danger though flashing lights is a practice of Mayor Gary Norton Jr. Under his reign and idea to bring in two hundred or more per ticketed person to the city in order to pay staff at city hall.

This is a shame and puts everyone in a bad light as it now goes global showing how East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton refuses to fix these two very dangerous corners and how it affects everyone including Judge William Dawson who would fix the flashing red lights if had the equipment.

Shame on East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr. for putting everyone’s lives in jeopardy. This includes children who have to cross the street to get a Happy Meal at McDonalds and risk getting hit by four lanes of traffic.

No child should die just to get a Happy Meal and no driver should have to be in fear coming to these flashing red light intersections. The fault of this situation rests securely on the shoulders of East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr. who knows this is a major problem in his city.

Having the East Cleveland Police at the intersections not to direct traffic but to cite drivers is not the fault of those mostly brand new hired officers but falls on Chief of Staff Michael Smedley and his boss Gary Norton who know about these cash corners but keep on adding up the money brought in.   Keep in mind that East Cleveland still keeps active the traffic cameras giving out tickets daily.

It is a sin to see what the Norton/Smedley is doing to East Cleveland and must be stopped by citizens saying they are “mad as hell and aren’t going to take it no more.“

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