EC Mayor Gary Norton wants a job with City of Cleveland

Before writing this entry it was necessary to find out what goes on with traffic lighting devices in East Cleveland and why do lights sometimes malfunction.  Following many phone calls asking us to look into what is happening at the East Cleveland Ohio intersection of Euclid Avenue and Forest Park Boulevard specifically this series started.

Stubborn Mayor Gary A. Norton Jr. could have stopped this whole thing from global just by calling the technicians to replace the computer board inside of the main computer that controls this signal.  Instead Mayor Norton ordered the EC Police to start giving out moving violations if anyone failed to come to a complete stop at the light (a moneymaker) .DSCF5148

Before placing blame and ferreting out who is putting all residents in danger with this crazy intersection where all the ten lanes traffic meet I spent the day in traffic court with Judge William Dawson.  Citations given out at this intersection have their own name in court “Flashing Lights” and Judge Dawson is forced to hear this citations daily.

Judge Dawson by law has to hear every ticket and if people want to fight the ticket which Judge Dawson clearly tells them their legal choices they must visit the court at least two more times before that can happen.  Listening to Judge Dawson in court it is clear that he is not happy that citizens are being cited at this corner but he has no choice but to follow the law.

The blame is not placed on the courts in East Cleveland but on the Mayor who has this plan to make money off of traffic tickets issued at this intersection.  That is a noble plan but it places people on foot and driving in a bad situation that could cause someone to be killed.


Mayor Gary Norton put everyone in East Cleveland City Hall in the spotlight while he remains in the background counting up court fees and tickets coming to the East Cleveland.  This is 100% the fault of Mayor Gary N. Norton Jr. and for once he has to take blame an become a real man.

All this will take is for a technician to replace the defective circuit board inside of this high tech traffic light controller and nothing major because this controller uses modern technology that saves repair and down time.  Don’t listen to Gary Norton telling everyone this will require new wiring and millions of dollars to fix that is not the truth.

Since Mayor Norton want to give up his job as mayor citizens need to consider making his dream of East Cleveland merging with the city of Cleveland a reality by firing Norton though a recall.  We the people of East Cleveland owe it to Gary Norton to allow him to work with Cleveland Frank Jackson like has been doing as a city of Cleveland employee.  Clearly Norton does want to be mayor of East Cleveland so we must help Norton make his dream of becoming a city of Cleveland employee a reality.

There are twoDSCF4967 very important public meetings this week if you want to see what is really going on in East Cleveland Ohio.

1.  East Cleveland City Council Regular Monthly Meeting – 6:30 PM Tuesday, January 20, 2015 – EC City Hall – 14340 Euclid Ave, East Cleveland

2.  East Cleveland Financial Planning and Supervision Commission – 12:00 P.M. Wednesday January 21. 2015.  EC Public Library, 14101 Euclid Ave, East Cleveland Ohio 44112.  Time has been reserved but the meeting may not start until 1:00 PMDSC04883

It is time for us to release Mayor Gary Norton and allow him alone to go to the City of Cleveland to join up with Mayor Frank Jackson as they have already planned.  He can not do a “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” move and take all of us with him.

Since the Scottish immigrants who formed East Cleveland are turning in their graves over what is going on today we must get Gary Norton out of the mayors office in East Cleveland.  Norton should be working with Mayor Frank Jackson in Cleveland, he needs to learn what a happens in a city and how people feel about their mayor and Cleveland is the perfect place.



We want to know what the people are thinking and you can do an anonymous vote by clicking here either for or against a recall of Mayor Gary N. Norton.

Click here to vote:

“If you don’t vote You don’t Count” as City Council man Nathaniel Martin says and it has become our battle cry in East Cleveland.  If you are very happy with the flashing red lights and Gary Norton wanting to merge with Cleveland.  Your vote counts:

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