NewsNet5 Reporter Michael Baldwin finds EC Mayor for comment

Some of the best reporters have all been trying to find where East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton is by visiting the house in East Cleveland, coming to his office at city hall and by calling his disconnected phone number. Countless voice messages, emails and even regular mail letters have been sent to Mayor Gary Norton and he still has remained unreachable.

WEWS NewNet5 Reporter Michael Baldwin decided that he would find the person no other news team including his own could locate. So Baldwin without a live upload truck simply planted himself in the audience at East Cleveland’s City Council Meeting. By the time Mayor Norton noticed Baldwin it was already too late to escape and the persistent reporter simply kept watch on the door.

Twice Mayor Norton planned his escape and Baldwin immediately asked the mayor if he was leaving the meeting and on the second time Norton ran for his already running Durango Truck. Baldwin and Norton got into a shouting match heard inside by everyone and finally Norton agreed to give an interview.

Unfortunately in order to get any verbiage from Gary Norton it required that the residents and city councilman Nathaniel Martin comments were missed in the report.  To complete the report we are showing how the residents feel about Mayor Gary Norton’s insane idea to put peoples lives in jeopardy just to make a few dollars from illegal traffic stops that might be turned over to the County or State Police.

There was no regular meeting and nothing was voted on since the City of East Cleveland is currently without a Law Director with the resignation from Deborah Blade.   Norton has asked a former city lawyer to work as Law Director and City Prosecutor for part time contract pay unfortunately she is not a city employee yet.


 BREAKING NEWS:  East Cleveland Financial Planning and Supervision Commission meets Wednesday, January 21, 2015, 1:00 PM, at the East Cleveland Public Library, 14101 Euclid Ave, East Cleveland Ohio 44112.  It is expected the at the East Cleveland Court will turn over to the city money collected thanks to Gary Norton’s idea of turning off the lights at Euclid Ave and Forest Hills Blvd.

   This meeting is run by Auditor of State David Yost and his staff and all assigned state employees who are responsible for watching the bank accounts.  Right now the whole city is in fear that the final January payroll will not be met leaving city employees without a paycheck.   

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