East Cleveland Tattler #24 – Plain Dealer buries East Cleveland’s fiscal emergency story

Julinda Mi’Adolla

 East Cleveland Tattler #24 (Click Here)

Hi Gary,
This is to Plain Dealer Editor Deborah Simmons and Elizabeth Sullivan.  Come on girls.  Y’all had Gary all up on the front page of the Metro section when he lied that he found $3.2 million in an overlooked Keybank account and blamed it on Eric Brewer.  Elizabeth, y’all did an editorial talking ’bout what a good job he done.  How smart he is.  He a good boy.  But check this out.


L’il Shorty just busted a more than $8.2 million deficit in 33 months of a 48 month term in office.  It’s the biggest deficit percentage in the shortest time of any mayor in the history of Ohio.  East Cleveland’s budget is $17.5 million.   L’il Shorty’s deficit is almost 45 percent of the city’s entire budget! 
The amount is staggering … stupefying!  Dude created a $5.7 million deficit in a record-breaking 23 months when he and council learned about it last November from David Yost the state auditor.  It was $1.8 million after his first 12 months.  Come on now.  This is some big stuff.  Page 3?  Geez.
No other mayor in Ohio history has plunged a city into fiscal emergency with such a large deficit so fast.  Gary Norton – your endorsed candidate’s achievement – is record breaking, and all y’all can come up with is a story on page 3?  We bet this achievement guarantees Gary a place in the Guiness Book of World Records as the most incompetent mayor in at least Ohio history.  Page 3?  Y’all know y’all can do better than that.  C’mon. 
Looka-here.  We know y’all are embarassed … being Gary’s your dude ‘n all.  Humiliated might be a better word.  Your candidate won by showing pictures of that sexy-assed Eric Brewer all over town.  Gary had pictures of his package in his cell phone.  What kind of man keeps pictures of another man’s package in his cell phone?  And y’all endorsed him.  Don’t worry.  I have faith that you can do better. 
It’s simple.  Assign your reporters to ask for public records and learn to read what they say. 
Here are some questions for all you university trained journalists.  How many public records requests did you submit – as an American citizen paying for a journalism education and writing for a campus newspaper – to determine how the university president, board of trustess, faculty and staff were spending the money you’re now paying back in student loans?
Were you ever at any time guided by your journalism professor to explore and publish stories in the student newspaper about the politics, public bidding compliance, audits and public scandals and controversies of the public employees you were paying to provide you with a high quality journalism education?
Did your journalism professor encourage you, as an example, to submit a public records request to the campus president for his emails, appointment schedule, credit card purchases, travel records, ethics reports, cell phone records and texting messages?
We know they didn’t let y’all do that at the university.  All your journalism professors were in the union.  They ain’t giving up them salaries, benefits and pensions so y’all can cover them.  Hell naw.  They ain’t stupid.  Y’all paid for it.  If you had learned to cover campus presidents, trustees, faculty and staff in student newspapers; or maybe if you were ever allowed to write about campus police and campus crime investigations, all while you were paying to to go to school, it wouldn’t be so hard to know that the best information is in public records.
You missed a lot at journalism school or your communcations classes so your readers miss a lot now.  It’s kind of like Gary getting paid $130,000 and asking for a pay raise after he broke a record to create an $8.2 million spending deficit .  Conversely, you guys are getting paid big bucks to lose readers. That’s funny.
Maybe if in your heart you got into journalism to empower and enlighten people starving for truth in this world of dark intentions, and maybe if inside forces who sign your paycheck caused you to do what you’re told and just get paid, we understand.   There’s lots of information your education has kept you from knowing.  A paycheck to pay bills is a powerful motivator.  All we say is just don’t act like you do know and insert your uninformed opinions into grown folks affairs when you don’t. 
If you’re going to write about East Cleveland or its personalities, past and present, leave your uninformed opinions and wounded egos at home.  You screwed up a lot of East Cleveland lives with the lies you helped Norton tell over the last several years, and with your uninformed opinion of the city’s politics and its leaders.  You folk at the Plain Dealer share in the responsibility for East Cleveland’s $8 million deficit and the suffering it will cause its residents because of your editorial interference and endorsement of Norton’s deceptions.
Have the guts to show some humility and admit you were wrong.

One Comment to East Cleveland Tattler #24 – Plain Dealer buries East Cleveland’s fiscal emergency story

  1. Eric Jonathan Brewer says:

    Good morning Gary,

    Thank you for sending me Psalms 23. Psalms is a wonderful book. I also find pleasure in reading Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes and Proverbs. There is much wisdom in those three books that I’ve used to guide my thinking about life and relationships with people. I’ve found them to be particularly useful to people who aspire towards leadership.

    I’m not sure why you chose the 23rd Psalms as it didn’t appear to apply to the advice in the email I forwarded to council about how you and Spotts are mishandling police discipline and other issues. I’ve often thought that if you had the maturity and intellectual insight to respond properly to words of wisdom from someone you harmed, who meant you no harm, that you might have been a better success as a man and leader. Proverbs 23:9 speaks to this in the King James Version of the Bible. “Speak not into the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.”

    The folk at the Tattler have shared with me that they originally began publishing the witty and intelligently-written newsletter to share information with both you and council that neither of you may have been aware of about how city employees performed their jobs. I shared my insights with them hoping that you might see the opportunity to correct your flawed management practices if it was truly your desire to serve the residents of East Cleveland well. Council saw “lessons” in the Tattler and the information it conveyed. I commend them – even those members who were my critics – for seizing the opportunity they found in the information that was freely provided to you all.

    Instead of making changes that would have helped you help East Cleveland residents who trusted you, your only response to me, or to the Tattler if you believe I’m responsible for it, was to send the 23rd Psalms.

    You may not know this about me, but I’m the son of a woman my father jokingly and lovingly nicknamed Bible Ann. My sister is an educated and ordained minister. I have a late uncle who was a minister and one of my younger cousins, who passed yesterday, was also a member of the clergy. For years I’ve studied and contemplated the idea of joining the clergy myself as I possess and read annotated bibles and the Concordance. The point is, I’m well beyond the 23rd Psalms in my understanding of biblical verses and the lessons they hold.

    I return to Proverbs, as found in the 17th chapter and 28th verse, to offer you the following insight. Perhaps you’ll embrace it, perhaps not as you seek to share your explanation for how you thought and spoke your way to disgrace as a mayor who embarassingly lied and misspent more than $8.2 million to return East Cleveland to fiscal emergency. You’ll recall I told you not to utter my name when I left office. If you’d listened you might have been able to call on me for a little advice. I’m not one to hold grudges.

    “Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”

    Are you aware that my middle name, Jonathan, is Hebrew for “Jehovah’s gift.” He was also King David’s best friend. I was baptised once, young man, 35 years ago on June 18, 1978 at 24, not “born again.” I have never lost sight of my relationship with the God who guides my life.

    In the Lord I trust. I am …

    Eric Jonathan Brewer

    Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child, and thy princes eat in the morning! Ecclesiastes 10:16.

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