“Ticket-Gate” / Everyone who got a ticket from “Ca$H Corners”

Traffic Engineering Manual  (TEM) 

We are looking for everyone who received a moving violation citation from the corner ofTEM Cover Euclid Ave, Forest Hills Boulevard and Wheeler Ave. The Taco Bell corner aka. “Ca$H Corner” from November 2014 to present time.

Most of the people will remember being pulled over blocks away as the East Cleveland Police conducted this operation making sure no one would notice their flashing lights pulling over many cars. Some days EC Police cited hundreds of drivers netting the city thousands of dollars in revenue generated.

If you or someone you know received one of these tickets and simply paid the hundreds of dollars or appeared in court and plead not guilty but still paid court costs, we want to talk to you. And if you are scared about retaliation from Mayor Gary Norton or Police Chief Michael Cardilli your response can be anonymous.


200 SIGNS Traffic Engineering Manual (July 18, 2014) October 23, 2002 2-13 At an intersection, the higher classification street or highway should be used to determine the size of the STOP sign to be erected at that intersection. A STOP sign shall be erected at the point where the vehicle is to stop or as near thereto as possible, and may be supplemented with a Stop Line and the word STOP on the pavement, as shown in the OMUTCD Figure 2A-3. Except where unusual intersection geometrics exist, STOP signs should not be placed farther than 50 feet from the intersected roadway. Where there is a marked or unmarked crosswalk, the sign should be erected approximately 4 feet in advance of the crosswalk edge nearest to approaching traffic.


“Ticket-Gate” allegedly involves East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton clicking the traffic lights off and on his own making this major intersection an unexpected and unlawful stop.  Because Norton has admitted there is nothing wrong with the lights and less than twelve hours claims all the lights must be replaced our investigation takes a different turn.

Anyone looking for case law pertaining to this situation created by East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton can take a look at this case: Cited as S. Russell v. Blair, 2006-Ohio-3766.  For the most part that appeal court decision is one of many that can be used to overturn all tickets issued at that corner despite whether or not the ticket was settled.  (Click Here to Read The Case

In general plain talk what this is about is an illegal traffic stop that continues to place people in jeapordy and before someone gets killed we are asking Mayor Norton and Police Chief Cardili to stop issuing tickets and also place a traffic officer on Ca$h Corners during peak times.  Actually all Norton has to do is turn the light back on an the risk of death will be off his chest.  HOWEVER should a pedestrian or motor driver be killed or injured at this intersection Norton can just resign or wait for the residents of East Cleveland to fire him by way of a recall petition.

If you received a ticket you can either call (216) 324-4783 (No anonymous or blocked calls) or email ec44112@gmail.com.  We need to find all of the tickets issued from November 2014 to present time and you may have been stopped as far down Euclid West bound near Popeyes Chicken or Wendy’s going east bound.  Some were stopped as they made the left hand turn on Forest Hills Boulevard blocks up that street so no one would know or get an idea about many tickets being written out.

Allegedly Norton and Cardilli were only looking to bring in enough money from this intersection to pay staff and it makes sense that they would run from media. Either way it is time to end this flashing red light sting before death or injury happens.

Mayor Gary Norton, Chief of Staff Michael Smedley and Police Chief Michael Cardilli – everyone is watching this intersection in East Cleveland Ohio and what you folks decide to do and today we will be watching to find more cited drivers.  Remember when it comes to criminal prosecution it is always wise to cut your loss before the thought of being in jail is in the future.



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