Silverman’s Department Store Closes Forever

In his own  words:  Alan Silverman – SILVERMAN’S



Sadly, after serious consideration, I have decided to close Silverman’s.

My Dad started the business in 1946, and through the hard work of the company’s excellent staff and the loyalty of its customers, I am proud to say, we have out lived many of the big chains we once competed against, like Ames, Cooks, Gaylords, Gold Circle, Uncle Bills, Zayres, and others.

I am very sad to be closing Silverman’s, (our final sale starts on Thursday, January 29th.) but after working here all my adult life, I have decided to take it easier. My goal is to work 24/7, 24 hours a week, 7 months of the year, and this may sound corny, but I want to make the rest of my life the best of my life.IMG_0801

I plan to continue to be a major supporter of Uniforms For Kids, providing school uniforms to kids in need, because every child deserves to go to school dressed to succeed. I am very excited about the new, mobile uniform store bus we have developed, and look forward to spending more time on this project during the coming years.

There is good news for the community, too. We will be remodeling our Hayden store, and it will be leased to Variety Wholesale of North Carolina. They plan to open a Rose’s Express there later this summer.

Thanks again for your past friendship and support,

Alan Silverman

7 Comments to Silverman’s Department Store Closes Forever

  1. jerrydj says:

    Jerry Strothers Silverman’s has always been one of my favorite places to shop and get hardware and clothing. It is too bad that East Cleveland people ran to that Wal-Store thinking they were getting a bargain. The true bargain was right before our eyes at Silverman’s and I certainly will miss the convenience. As a reporter in East Cleveland has covered stores like the hot dog guy and reactions to people in the Silverman’s parking lot. Hopefully our city council and mayor should at least give some type of thank you letter for all of your years of service. Thank you Mr.Silverman,you are truly a class act.

  2. Erica Patrick says:

    I absolutely love your store! I bought my childrens school clothes there n my grandkids. All if my household items came from you all…An amazing store. I wish you blessings in your life…

  3. Patrick B says:

    Wow! Hate to see another staple of East Cleveland and my childhood leave EC. I was in the store the other day but noticed that there was no security guard and only one cashier up front. With the recent PD article on the city being in financial limbo, the closing of the Helen S. Brown Senior Center and now this; the tax base is further decreasing and another business landmark is closing. I remember when they were on St. Clair by the railroad tracks before a fire relocated them to EC. It is what is is and all I can do is thank the Silverman family for providing the EC commuinty with quality services and goods.

  4. @themrkshow1 says:

    Silvermans is the last legit business in E.C. A place that actually hires local residents, and provides a needed service to the community. The rest are vultures picking of the carcass of a dying area. They push negative products in to the community and then take there money else where. Thank you Silvermans for at least taking a chance on investing in a poor inner city community. This will definitely be the straw that broke the camels back because nobody else investing.

  5. rina Booker says:

    Wow i had the opportunity and plesure of working there in the seventies and eighties. The Silvermans were truly nice people. We were truly a family. I was just preparing to go there tomorrow because if you cant find it any where else you could find it at silvermans. God Bless you in all your endeavors. Im proud to say i have worked there.

  6. Patricia H. says:

    Silverman’s was a life savior for parents, and seniors on the eastside and East Cleveland. Those of us without transportation to the malls could find all things needed at Silverman. East Cleveland have lost another stable business.

  7. Dan B says:

    Your store will greatly be missed, when I lived in Cleveland we always shopped at the store at E.68 and Harvard in Slavic Village would go shopping then go to Mr Heros. Miss those days. Good luck in your endeavors and good luck to East Cleveland

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