Final Days of Silverman’s Department Store – Parking Lot Full

IMG_0864The last time residents in East Cleveland witnessed a full parking lot at Silverman’s Department store was December 2013 when the store advertised sale prices on toys lower than Wal-Mart. In December 2014 shoppers had very little shopping money or just simply loved to spend more at Wal-Mart for the same items Silverman’s offered.

There have been declining shopping for months and the parking lot rarely had more than ten cars including employee vehicles parked outside.IMG_0866
Shoppers love crowded places and with the final closing of Silverman’s coming as a shock for some who just stopped their car to see why there were so many cars outside the Silverman’s store.

IMG_0869Much like what Wal-Mart Severence did when that store closed there were not super bargains offered only the same prices Silverman’s would have offered in their weekly sale flyer. When the Wal-Mart store closed it’s doors in Severance shoppers purchased items by the basket full despite that store not having any deep discounts offered.

The Silverman’s closing and final sale continues until the bulk of items inside are all sold. The store will officially close once there is no more merchandise to sale and that point should happen shortly. Taking over this location will be Roses Department store sometime spring 2015.

roses deparment store

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