We Need Your Photographs and Texts

DSC04944 This website has no advertising and brings the news to everyone around the world thinking about East Cleveland Ohio.  It requires our tiny group to attend lots of meetings and be on call 24/7 when things happen in this town.  We are self-supporting for the last six years and people power drives our coverage of events going on around EC Only.DSCF5425

Now we are asking everyone with a camera phone or digital camera to snap things happening in East Cleveland Ohio.  As long as it is East Cleveland Ohio 44112 any photographs can be submitted and if you want to write something we welcome your stories.

We have one rule on 44112News.com and that is we don’t venture out of our city limits to cover stories not about East Cleveland, and with that in mind there are plenty of things to keep us busy.  The exploits of Mayor Gary Norton and his entourage of people takes up most of the day for us.


We have asked to be added to the mailing lists of the East Cleveland Public Library and East Cleveland Public Schools but as of this date neither has added  ec44112@gmail.com to their mailing lists.  With that in mind more eyes to what is going on around us would be appreciated.   We do try and cover both the Library and School meetings when we find out they are doing something.DSCF4653

If you see something happening in East Cleveland take out your camera and snap it and send it to ec44112@gmail.com you can also text or call us always at (216) 324-4783.

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