Mayors Town Hall Meeting 2/5/2015 (Private Affair)

Each year East Cleveland Residents look forward to attending the Mayors Town Hall or state of the city address at the East Cleveland Public Library.  Normally this is where the who’s who of the city get to meet and greet and the event is televised by seventy-two thousand a year cable television channel nine manager William Fambrough.  Tonight selected city residents less likely to pose touch questions about the city and it’s state under Mayor Gary Norton will be invited to attend or listen in to the call.

This year selected people will get to hear and talk with the Mayor via a telephone conference call today 2/5/2015 around 7:00 PM.    For the record the mayor has never wanted 44112News to cover any of his events and our number is never included in the call-up.

In our campaign to help get Mayor Gary NO to a new job here is a corrected picture.

In our campaign to help get Mayor Gary NO to a new job here is a corrected picture.

We are looking for someone to record the call either using their phone record feature or by getting a digital recorder from us.  We will covert the recording into data so others can hear what the mayor plans on bamboozling willing citizens with.  Since Mayor Norton is gung ho on East Cleveland joining Mayor Jackson and City of Cleveland it is expected Norton will tell everyone how hopeless things are.

If there is anyone willing to let us listen in or can record the call please call (216) 324-4783.  It is clearly time to stop letting the worst mayor in East Cleveland history from brainwashing anymore minds and also let the world see what Gary Norton dishes out for the masses.

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