East Cleveland Mayor wants to merge with Cleveland


Merge with Cleveland or Recall Norton?

Merge with Cleveland or Merge Gary Norton?

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton spoke before a hand selected group of his loyal subjects on the telephone.  Norton hand selected every person on the call and they had to be the types who believe anything their mayor says.

The screening process works like this for all of his calls requires the callers to go into detail about their question.  If the question is not acceptable the callers are told there are technical problems or just disconnected.   There is not star 69 feature available because all calls using that feature are sent to city hall phones.hqdefault

According to Norton every employee at East Cleveland City Hall will get a good paying job in Cleveland.  All of the firefighters and police will be hired in Cleveland.  Property value will increase and taxes will be lower and all potholes will be filled.  Happy Days are here again as Norton gives loyal listeners a verbal glass of Kool-Aid®.


Now all this from the number one cheerleader for our team the Mayor to tell us that he has given up, and according to Norton he is willing to go unemployed just to help EC Citizens.    Most of his listeners and callers praise him for doing such a noble task on their behalf despite the fact that all of this is his fault.  What most of the listeners have no idea that Norton may have been promised a higher paying job if he can bamboozle the city into merging with Cleveland.

Norton plans on printing up petitions to start the merger immediately and everyone should be happy to sign and join the City of Cleveland.  Keep in mind that this 2/5/2015 conference call only allowed questions of a positive nature or ones that tell Gary Norton how nice a guy he is.  He actuallDSCF5426y took credit for Ohio Department of Transportation trying fix the flashing red light intersection at Euclid Ave and Forest Hills Blvd to his credit.  That was just wrong as he had nothing to do with the engineers from ODOT Trying to do something nice for the city of East Cleveland.


What say you?  Should we go along with Norton and merge with Cleveland or should we recall (fire) our number one cheerleader and get someone else to be mayor and number one cheerleader?   Take the survey below and let’s find out what the people want.

This is an unofficial “Straw Poll” asking should Gary A. Norton be recalled?

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One Comment to East Cleveland Mayor wants to merge with Cleveland

  1. jerrydj says:

    If anyone who heard Gary Norton believes his lies, let me add that Forest Hills Lake will be stocked with trout, bass, crab and lobsters if we merge with Cleveland. A Walmart superstore will be built here and maybe even a casino.
    Don’t Drink the Kool Aid!
    Jim Jones had a following like Norton has right now, people willing to give up everything including their lives if needed. There are only two choices here and that is Merge and give up everything or Recall Gary Norton and get someone in who will fight to save our city.

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