Six properties being sold to one person $150 each

2/10/2015 – Today at 9:30 AM the Neighborhood Advisory Committee breaks an all time record as one person comes in to buy six houses at $150.00 each. Come join the fun as the party might start on time at Room 215 East Cleveland City Hall, 14340 Euclid Ave, East Cleveland OH 44112.IMG_1246

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We will also see whether this group will continue to extort the East Cleveland Library on the behalf of Brandon “LAND” King as the want the library to “make him whole”.    Whatever the terms they use it is nothing but blackmail and extortion if allowed.   If they have any church sense the group will happily give the library back their own property so construction on a new museum and parking can be scheduled.


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  1. jerrydj says:

    The lady with the large order of property decided not to show for this meeting and she has withdrawn her request. The meeting waited on her until 10 AM before announcing she had cancelled.

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