What are Mayor Gary Norton and Michael Smedley Hiding

2/16/2015 – In December 2014 we asked for certain public records and Mayor Gary Norton and his Chief of Staff Michael Smedley said that they would not allow us to see anything.

DSCF5122We asked and received only a few of the documents, ones hidden are in red:

Gerald O. Strothers Jr.

14019 Northfield Ave

East Cleveland, OH  44112

(216) 324-4783


December 2, 2014


Mayor of East Cleveland Ohio

Gary Norton Jr.

14340 Euclid Ave

East Cleveland, OH  44112


Request for Access to Review, Inspect and or Copy Public Records

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code § 149.43

I am requesting to review, inspect and or copy the following public records pertaining to East Cleveland Ohio Mayor Gary N. Norton Jr. from (2012 to present):


  • W-2 Statements from Gary N. Norton Jr. ( 2012, 2013)
  • Copies of all pay stubs from November 2012 to Present for Gary N. Norton Jr.
  • All payments either in Cash or Check Made to Gary N. Norton Jr. from 11/2012 to Present
  • All Gasoline Receipts for Gary N. Norton Jr.  from 11/2013 to Present
  • All Hotel/Motel Receipts & Airline Expenses from 11/2012 to Present
  • All Food & or Catering expenses from 11/2013 to Present
  • Travel Log for your new Dodge Durango Truck or it’s predecessor from 11/2013 to Present
  • Verification of vacation time accrued and used from 11/2013 to Present
  • W-2 Statements from anyone acting as EC Chief of Staff from 11/2012 to Present
  • Lease Statement for your brand new Dodge Durango Truck
  • Name of Dealer or company your new Dodge Durango Truck came from
  • Receipts or statements from the company providing Robotic Calls to EC Citizens

For the record,  in the previous case Strothers v. Norton, 2012-Ohio-2923 the court was mislead by you and both of your law directors stating my criminal past and that their sworn affidavits that I was provided all access to documents.

I look forward to your briefs in this case should you not comply with my request for public records in a reasonable amount of time and not 45 days like the Appellate Court ruled.

Mr. Mayor I am using your famous word “Transparency” and printing this document to you and others to view online and in person at the East Cleveland City Council Meeting, Tuesday December 2, 2014.

Since you also said in Strothers v. Norton, 2012-Ohio-2923 that I failed to send you the request via certified United States Mail, it is being sent to you today by the USPS Certified.

Keeping in mind that Ohio Revised 149.43 does not require public records request to be made in writing and therefore at the council meeting this request is being made orally in addition to being presented so all of the citizens can see it clearly.

I am also concerned with the outrageous cost of copies of twenty-five cents per page which is in direct conflict with the case State ex rel. Strothers v. Murphy (1999), 132 Ohio App.3d 645, 650 which determined that .05 cents per copy is fair.  It is my goal that the East Cleveland charging be dropped to afford citizens a fair price per page.

Mayor  Gary N.  Norton Jr., please contact me within a reasonable time to discuss date(s) and time(s) for record review and *copy cost per page.


Gerald O. Strothers Jr.


 State ex rel. Strothers v. Wertheim, 80 Ohio St. 3d 155, 158, 1997 Ohio 349 (1997)

State ex rel. Strothers v. Rish, 2003-Ohio-2955

State ex rel. Strothers v. Murphy (1999), 132 Ohio App.3d 645, 650

 Strothers v. Norton, 131 Ohio St.3d 359, 2012-Ohio-1007


Sent Via Regular and Certified United States Mail


Before our last Law Director jumped ship and the assistant got out of town they provided these records   (Click Here to See The First Set of Records)

In regards to Michael Smedley he personally said that no one can see his records.  However today the new Law Director Willa Hemmons managed to send a W-2 form for Michael Smedley however she or Smedley redacted all of the key numbers on the form.  In reality the Supreme Court gave them the right to redact Social Security Numbers and not the other numbers on the form.



In addition to the overly redacted W2 form here are the rest of their last documents that will be provided per Norton and Smedley.   (Click Here for the rest)


Now is the time for all good men and women to know that Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and Michael Smedley are hiding documents from the people.  Many of these could show that the dynamic duo have defrauded the city and perhaps done something criminal.

Now they want to get out of their crime scene by having the city merge with Cleveland while everyone forgets about all of the public records that Norton and Smedley are hiding.  Truly this is something that The Ohio Supreme Court needs to have in their hands so they can properly order these records to become public again.IMG_0856

If anyone doubts that this is happening just call the Mayors Office and request any of the documents above in red ink and see if you can get a copy provided.  At $70 thousand dollars a year it would seem that Smedley would be more than happy to let you see how much extra money he has gained and the perks he receives as Chief of Staff.

It’s Your Money – Ask for it – “Show me The Money”

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