2/17/2015 – Best City Council Meeting in months

DSCF54672/17/2015 – Of all of the meetings we have seen in recent months this was one to be in attendance at.  Of course Mayor Gary Norton and his trusty sidekick Michael Smedley were not in attendance.  Making one final visit to city council was Belinda Kyle the mayor’s most trusty employee who has recently found another job out of East Cleveland Ohio.  Yes, Ms. Kyle has jumped ship like the two law directors and others including police and fire employees all getting off before the ship goes under with Captain Norton already jumping ship.DSCF5464

This meeting was taped using two cameras because we ran out of digital storage to finish the meeting however despite the break in action it turned to out two very good tapes.  In our first tape the truth about who actually made the flashing red light corner come back to life.  In this short clip Kelvin Earby who truly loves the city of East Cleveland told about what the mayor said to him, calling him a liar and other things.

In the second tape more talk from the people but the most interesting thing happens when EC City Councilman Thomas Wheeler speaks.  Rather than tell everyone just check out the ending of this short video to hear it for yourself.

Finally we will be putting the rest of the meeting at least the first hour if you feel like hearing the entire meeting in our final video.

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