My Prayer Warrior has gone to heaven

My Prayer Warrior has gone to heaven – Bernice Ewing passes away in Arizona last Week with more details to follow.  One of the starting three to and the movement to make East Cleveland a better place to live.

This website got started five years ago with the help of three people who came together to make the city of East Cleveland a better place.  Our group consisted of Ms. Joan Pinkston, me Gerald Strothers and our prayer warrior Ms. Bernice Ewing.

The three of us changed things going on in East Cleveland Ohio and because Ms. Pinkston and I are very vocal in how we feel God blessed us with the deep thinking Bernice who always kept things in focus.

Ms. Ewing in TIME Magazine (Click Here)

The three of us have gone though some serious things in our personal lives but through it all we stayed a cohesive unit.  Somewhere down the path we became family trusting each other with things we could not share with family members.

Ms. Ewing loved the city of East Cleveland and wanted to do anything to rid the city of it’s out of control mayor.  “Is he in jail yet” was one of the ways she would answer the phone when I called her.  She truly was our best friend and Ms. Pinkston and I grieve at the loss of our friend.10423789_808133352574164_7233990822843601110_n

I have written over three thousand stories here and this is the hardest one to ever write.  We talked about life and death many times and Bernice and I talked daily about anything.  Sometimes we would not agree but we were always ready to help each other.

Back during the warm months Bernice and I went on a travel trip around North East Ohio finding all types of home remedies and things no longer made.  At first it was to handle a cold but after months on the search sometimes I used the internet to find out about products it later became a regular search and find for us.

Sometimes when you are with someone they become your partner whether it is in crime or good.  In this case 44112News and the people of East Cleveland Ohio, Ms. Pinkston and I should be thankful Bernice Ewing came into our lives.   Ewing, Pinkston & Strothers – Activists at Law1383840_10205043163856476_1775134302443556568_n

What would Bernice want everyone to do?  She would not want a whole lot of tears despite the ones running down my face and from everyone reading this.  Keep in mind she was our prayer warrior (not just mine) and she would want us to do the right thing despite the loss we now feel.

For those asking a million questions the family will let me know all of the final details to be posted here and spread throughout the internet.

As part of Ms. Joan Pinkston and Mr. Gerald Strothers grieving process we will share some of the many videos and things done by our prayer warrior so the world will know what we already knew about Ms. Bernice Ewing, a true friend of the people of East Cleveland.





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  1. LaQuea Smith Crim says:

    I LOVE her & looked up 2 my Queen yes she was out spoken & told it like it was she was awesome & will b missed I Am going 2 help keep her legend going & fight 4EC until we get our city back if y’all can give shout outs 2 Rosa Parks Dr. Martin Luther King & the others who fought 4 our rites I feel we can do the same 4 my Queen who fought 4 EC also Ameen

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