Sleepy Time while Mayor Norton bamboozles audience

2/25/2015 – East Cleveland Ohio – Residents gather to hear the latest news on the finances of their city only to be lured to sleep by EC Mayor Gary Norton Jr.  

The East Cleveland Financial Planning and Supervision Commission Meeting presented their finding of facts about East Cleveland finance stating that their audit shows all bills are paid and everything is fine.   No mention of the fact that there is no rock salt and the exodus of employees has created numerous job openings.   While it all sounded good EC People were not in sync with state auditors and their verbiage saying everything is fine.DSCF5504

For the third straight month no one seemed to notice that there is no Finance Director to be found in the audience.  And as we have proven in the past documentation from East Cleveland Finance Department are nearly almost incorrect.

About the only bright spot at this meeting besides hearing citizens sound asleep and snoring was City Council President Barbara Thomas trying to push the buttons of Gary Norton.  Unfortunately Thomas was unable to get Norton to do much at all other than look like he was going to sleep while she talked.

Next state financial meeting will be Wednesday March 25, 2015 – 1:00 PM – Same Place


BREAKING NEWS – Emergency Council Meeting – 2/26/2015 – 6 PM

Since there is no budget in place council is expect to meet in an emergency session and have two others meetings Thursday, February 26, 2015 starting at 6:00 PM and going until about 7:00 PM.   By the way if you have not been to a meeting from Brandon King this may be your first chance to experience him in action at the seldom seen GENERAL SERVICES & PROPERTY COMMITTEE meeting.

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