Liars, Liars, Pants and Skirts ON Fire (N.O.A.H)

What would our founder the late Ms. Ewing say to hearing that the 501 (c)(3) Group N.O.A.H. was using their tax exempt status to promote politics. Headed by Trevelle Harp this group has no knowledge of what is going on in East Cleveland and in their own news letter these folks take credit for everything from the repair of the red lights at Forest Hills Blvd to the insane merger plan proposed by Mayor Gary Norton Jr.

LIARS and Illuminati Folks stirring up their tasty Kool-Aid® for East Cleveland Folks to drink as they continue doing the work of a PAC (Political Action Committee)  We have focused on the fact that complaints with the Internal Revenue Service could at least remove their non-profit exemption which they may be using to purchase items with no taxing among other uses.recallnorton

Instead of allowing Tevelle Harp and the PAC N.O.A.H. get away with mixing up another batch of tasty but lethal Kool-Aid®,  in honor of Ms. Bernice Ewing a concentrated effort to file papers with the IRS to have N.O.A.H. reclassified as a PAC is a must.

Rather than tell the truth we are printing up their brand of lies, deceit and how they are funding their campaign.  The N.O.A.H. Group added to their brainwashing list and here is what they are sending out to their followers.  There are so many lies in the junk send out that we just printed it up for everyone to see.  Clearly N.O.A.H is a Political Action Committee and perhaps if everyone joins in with the recall of their head master Mayor Gary Norton we can rid of our city of both Norton, Harp and everyone else stirring up the tasty drink they want us all to enjoy.   READ IT FOR YOURSELF:

This is not from it is from an email sent to us from N.O.A.H

NOAH UPDATE (News email)

The rest of the story….

It is no secret by any means that East Cleveland, the first suburb of Cleveland and home of the world’s first billionaire, is experiencing some challenges. East Cleveland has become the “Litmus test” for the aftermath of Federal and State cuts to local governments. Decreasing population and the loss of major employers have resulted in a lower tax base. In addition corruption, predatory business practices and perceived high crime rate have deterred new business and does not make East Cleveland a desirable residential location for the influx of new residents moving to the Cleveland area.

TODAY, East Cleveland has the front row seat in deciding what how this community will move forward. The status quo of divisive political rhetoric based on frustration, insecurities and personal grudges has no place. Residents and community leaders must rise to this occasion (as we have in the past) with their best intentions and ideas to find solutions.

DSCF5448For example, the traffic light at the intersection of Forest Hills and Euclid Ave. was not working and in need of repair. Due to fiscal constraints, the City did not have the funds to available to repair the light. A call from NOAH to the Department of Transportation resulted in repair of the light in two days. Special thanks to Senator Yuko and his staff for connecting us with the Ohio Department of Transportation; and, Councilman Brandon King who coordinated between the City of East Cleveland and the Department of Transportation. This was accomplished by having a deep understanding of how our governmental institutions work and using that knowledge to focus on what it takes to solve the problem rather than seeking an opportunity to perpetuate negativity and blame.

In order to overcome the challenges these, we must resist the temptation of being dragged into personality feuds and focus on the real issues at hand. It is our responsibility to look at all the facts and make informed decisions. More importantly, we must realize that the level of our civic participation dictates how much we can leverage as a community.

NOAH recently moderated a discussion with residents and leaders of “options” related to our fiscal crisis. Participants expressed various views related to income tax, bankruptcy and merger. We will continue this dialogue through a series of community forums. We have invited members of East Cleveland’s administration answer questions and discuss the economic realities of our city. Everyone is invited to attend with an open mind and a spirit of learning and cooperation.

…and Remember, We are one Community, One East Cleveland!

See the dates & Times Below

NOAH\East Cleveland Community Meeting
Monday, March 2nd, 2015 @ 6:30pm
New Covenant Lutheran Church
1424 Hayden Ave.
East Cleveland Ohio 44112

Special Guest: Michael Smeley, Chief of Staff for the City of East Cleveland
Topic of Discussion: East Cleveland’s Merger Talk,
How did we get to this Point? Unplugged
Moderated Conversation followed by Question and Answer


If you believe all of the propaganda this Non-Profit group who really is a Political Activist Committee has said we strongly suggest you attend their meeting and hear more.  Perhaps they can tell you why there is no salt in the city or explain why every other traffic light is now blinking.

Our prayer Warrior Ms. Bernice Ewing is gone and there are no more soft breaks for Norton or Harp to save the day.  All gloves are off and anyone who has my name knows that this writer is a convicted felon doing his sixth year of community service to East Cleveland.   mug-shot-63222311 Up to now I have kept away from using profanity and talking about my past but now that Ms. Ewing is no longer here so let me proclaim a new me leaving Norton and all of his people on notice.  No more nice guy and please take a lesson from Eminem from the movie 8 mile:

It’s On Now – We are going to win this batter in honor of Ms. Ewing and everyone who is proud of being from East Cleveland Ohio. We are tired of big words and things that only hurt us from Uncle Tom people who want to end Ohio’s top all black community. It’s time to be the largest all black community in the entire state of Ohio. They don’t want the world to know this and perhaps it is time for us to stand up and be proud of our diversity. Instead of listening to the crap that Norton, Harp and other dish out we need to make a stand and be proud of our diversity. Welcome in people all races to be a part of the community of the future rather than talk a bunch of stuff that means nothing.

Am I a upset, hell yes – I lost my best friend but I won’t let her down by continuing to play Mr. Journalist instead expect the unexpected as we the people stand up and take back our city before this idiot gives everything away. What say you?  If you are serious call me directly (216) 324-4783 – No more games or talk about merger with a city doing just as bad as we are.

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