A Celebration of Love for Bernice Ewing 2/28/2015


A full-house and yes both would be considered a sell-out if this was a concert or sporting event but these two nights were a show of love for Bernice Ewing a woman who touched so many lives world-wide.

    As a writer I wanted so much to stand up and tell the world more of the things they do not know but instead decided to record the event for all to see and feel the spirit.

    Bernice and I spent many months searching for a magical cure,  something to stop the hurt she was going through.  As her co-pilot I kept quiet and made sure we had the routes to take us around North East Ohio.  This all got started back in the warm summer months and she was a very determined person utilizing people she knew could locate what she wanted.  I discovered and learned about so many old products and home cures from way before my time and many times those products were no longer made but we did try and find them here.

Sometimes I would take trips back to Pittsburgh and search for those items there keeping in touch with her and saying nothing about it to anyone.  We had some good and bad times together and when I was sick Bernice made sure I did not give up.  I never gave up on Bernice and we called and talked daily up to the last days and time she was on this earth.

We present these videos for you to feel the spirit and get the whole story from her family, friends and relatives who gathered together to pay tribute to one of our founding people here at 44112News.com.   If you look carefully you will see the other founder Ms. Joan Pinkston who spoke for us both.

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Click here to see the full color booklet composed by the Ewing family.



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