Brandon King tells Shaw Student off at City Council Meeting

3/3/2015 – East Cleveland City Council had their first meeting in March and it was full of legal movements as four council members voted to approve the Salvation Army rezoning even without a City Engineer or any plans being submitted. Absent from the vote was Thomas Wheeler who did not cast a vote either way and should legal action happen he will not be held accountable.

DSCF5520Members of the Salvation Army joined the meeting but were told not to present anything and they only were observers. Even after the vote when City Council President Barbara Thomas asked them to speak they declined her most gracious request.
With nothing else left to talk about Mayor Gary Norton and City Councilman Nathaniel Martin excused themselves from the meeting leaving Wheeler, Thomas and Brandon King to continue the meeting.DSCF5521
First on the microphone Shaw High School Student Ronald Massey who took pride talking about the honor student like himself to the remaining council members and other citizens spoke about various things on their minds.
All would have been peaceful until Councilman Brandon King decided to start picking fights with citizens who had spoke starting with Shaw Student Ronald Massey. According to King the project presented by Case Western University Students could not be duplicated by Shaw High Students. And of course Mr. Massey became upset over the disrespect shown by Brandon King towards Shaw High Students.

Following his insane statement about Shaw High King then proceeded to pick a fight with Otis Mays however we shouted the King was trying to pick fights with everyone.

Perhaps King might have tired or just bored but his comments were totally out of control and he continued even after the meeting showing his posterior end. Perhaps someone needs to consider the fact that King has not held any meetings other than a few very short and silly meeting brought on by council members complaining.

In this case King should have just shut his mouth rather than say some stupid things but at least everyone now knows that King is in favor of merging with the City of Cleveland. And with that perhaps once the recall of Mayor Gary Norton is complete the next name should be Brandon King or maybe he will just resign and leave the city of East Cleveland alone.   Better watch out Brandon King because some folks think Mr. Ronald Massey could be our next Mayor and from the sounds of him there won’t be anymore merging or talking bad about Shaw High School Students.  DSCF5529

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  1. Rb says:

    Why do you care about a stupid punk like Ronald Massey? Check out his FB page, nothing but a weed smoking fool. He also has a warrant out for his arrest in Cleveland!

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