Norton “Thug Squad” tried to disrupt meeting

The East Cleveland Ohio town hall meeting started promptly at 5 PM and as quickly as it started disruption started coming through the doors.  It appears that all of the Norton supporters for merger and their mayor to keep his job showed up and were in rare form to disrupt the meeting.

Sadly they had no idea that we planned that they would come to the meeting to do the thug thing in advance.  Clearly they had no idea that the part they played in this production was that of the bad guys and girls.  Everyone including Vanessa Veal, Travelle Harp, Brandon King and some of their big enforcers were put out of the meeting at 6 PM despite trying to stay and hear what was going on.  Sadly they acted like little kids being put out of the house to go and play.  The group continued their meeting and a plan of action was agreed upon by the people.

A dedicated group of citizens have joined together to do one thing and that is to recall or fire Mayor Gary Norton Jr.  There is no political speeches or endorsement of the next mayor needed.  May the best man or women step up to the plate and run for office. 

Because of the nature of this group future meetings will be held weekly until all of the required 1,200 certified signatures are gathered.  It appears that Gary Norton and his band of merry men and women shown in the two videos attached are willing to do anything to stop the petitions from being signed.  However they clearly must watching too many Godfather movies where the thugs rule the people.

The people in East Cleveland are tired of ruining their tires on potholes along with the out of control spending Gary Norton continues to practice.

Anyone interested in helping out by gathering up 60 signatures or more please do call or text (216) 324-4783 or email

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