Total Brainwashing by Mayor Norton and William Fambrough


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    make (someone) adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure:
    “the organization could brainwash young people”

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The Brainwashing of Mayor Gary Norton and William Fambrough  (East Cleveland Cable Company)

It is total brainwashing for anyone with East Cleveland Cable Company supplying their television signal thanks to Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and William Fambrough.  These two gentleman continue their complete take-over of cable channel nine only allowing their views and programs to play twenty-four hours of the day.   No school sports or even meetings of any meetings such as City Council, Library Board or School Board Meetings.  It’s all about Mayor Gary Norton brainwashing viewers who come across channel nine on the East Cleveland Cable Company service.




Unfortunate East Cleveland Cable Company subscribers are forced to watch the mayor talk about merger and no chance for bankruptcy in East Cleveland Ohio. The brainwashing show repeats over and over with no other things being given to residents than what Norton and Fambrough want people to see on cable channel nine the public access channel.  There is no access for the public to provide a show or even see anything but Gary Norton on the cable access channel.

William Fambrough is a member of the East Cleveland Library Board of Trustees where he brings a video camera to all of the library meetings but does not show it on “The Norton Network” channel nine on East Cleveland Cable. Instead Fambrough uses his camera as a torture for library trustees. Some proposed legislation at the East Cleveland Library would violate Ohio open meetings laws just to stop the torture Fambrough brings to each of their meetings.ECcableLogo

Now combine Fambrough and Norton and the fact that East Cleveland cable has run a direct line to the Fambrough basement where all of the equipment stolen from East Cleveland is housed.

DSCF4779East Cleveland City Council President Barbara Thomas attempted to have the equipment returned but the East Cleveland Police under the direction of Michael Cardilli and Mayor Norton refused to have their officers do anything. Instead Thomas simply dropped her short quest to have Fambrough prosecuted short of going downtown and filing criminal charges with the county prosecutor and sheriff.


East Cleveland Cable subscribers should join with to have the two other cable comatt_logopanies authorized to bring in service to provide their service. Those two companies are AT&T and Time Warner who can start providing competitive cable service to East Cleveland residents if the people unite and call these companies non-stop.  Right now our cable internet access is offered at the slowest possible upload and download rate but we are being charged full price for service.  A call to AT&T to complain only yields a credit for the monthly service but does not provide us with high upload or download speeds.

IMG_0702 Here at 44112News we upload videos to our YouTube channel daily but because of slow speeds a meeting from city council takes at least twelve hours to upload due to the very slow speeds offered.  When AT&T Uverse is called they promptly give a credit for the poor service but do not offer any solutions.  In our case we are now faced with getting high priced satellite service just because AT&T thinks East Cleveland subscribers are content with the slow speeds and high prices.
There is no chance that Norton will stop brainwashing East Cleveland Cable watchers with his strange view of life. How many times can the Norton Network show seniors dancing and Norton talking about how bad the city is? It’s about time to cut East Cleveland Cable and their hold on our television sets.


East Cleveland needs more than just high priced satellite service as an alternative. Right now AT&T Uverse service is offered with their highest price but lowest service due to lack of proper wiring.

If you are interested in helping us to get the best possible service from AT&T and Time Warner please take time to call or text: (216) 324-4783 or email It’s time to let Gary Norton and William Fambrough know that we are tired of both of them and their control of our public access channel.

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