3/12/2015 – PROTEST East Cleveland Residents upset with Mayor Norton

Concerned citizens of East Cleveland Ohio

3/12/2015 – East Cleveland Ohio residents plan on protesting East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr. who refuses to allow residents first chance to bid and buy used vehicles that Norton plans on selling to a low bid junk yard that sells cars to be smashed and shipped to China.


Residents are also upset at the city missing pot hole filling equipment that seems to have disappeared. Missing pothole machine equipment and lack of personnel to patch roads properly such as the mess left at Superior Elementary School and several other schools in East Cleveland.picture04
The recall movement was started by the late Bernice Ewing who organized all of the details before her death. Ewing had one last wish and that was for the city not to merge with Cleveland and for residents to rise up and take back their government with a recall of Mayor Gary Norton Jr.


DSCF5498Residents have already gathered over three hundred signatures in less than one week and now they seek to find nine-hundred more registered voters in East Cleveland Ohio.  Where is the missing money from the sale of Huron Hospital hiding?  Norton says twenty-million but only three million was allegedly deposited in the city bank account; what bank did Norton place the rest of the money?


When: Thursday, March 12, 2015 – 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Where: East Cleveland City Hall, 14340 Euclid Ave, East Cleveland, OH
Why: Recall of worst Mayor in East Cleveland History
How: Circulation of a petition and gathering up over 1200 signatures
Who: Registered voters in East Cleveland Ohio say no merger and “Show us the Money”
Contact: Gerald O. Strothers Jr. – (216) 324-4783
Email: EC44112@gmail.com
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