600 Signatures today – Half Way There!


Recalling (FIRE) East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr – We need 1,200 or more EC Signatures

With 600 signatures gathered the group is at the half-way point towards getting 1,200 needed signatures of registered to vote East Cleveland Ohio residents to give Norton his walking papers.  While people from all over have asked to sign the petition only registered to vote in East Cleveland can give the mayor his pink notice.

Protest March 12th

It’s very understandable that our neighbors in Cleveland Heights, Euclid, and The City of Cleveland want Gary Norton to be fired it is not helping our cause and we are now asking what polling place did the people last vote at.  With six-hundred signatures this group now needs to get six-hundred more to make our goal.  This next week is critical in the quest to rid East Cleveland Ohio of the worst mayor in the cities history.

Some folks have come forward stating they want to be the next mayor but this website will not endorse any candidate and may the best woman or man win the special  election if council can over-ride the first veto they will have facing them.  With two votes already saying yes this leaves two no votes and one swing vote deciding if there is going to be a special election.

huronhospitalIn addition to the petition to recall Gary Norton, resident will be asked to join in filing criminal charges with the County Prosecutor and Sheriff offices.  Using the same terms spelled out in the affidavit to recall Norton,  East Cleveland resident have the right to file criminal charges against the mayor and or council members holding up the process.  There will be some discussion over the selling of all used vehicles despite not giving residents a chance to bid on them or by auctioning them to the highest bidder.IMG_1175

On Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 6:30 PM, East Cleveland City Council will meet at city hall and have this concocted legislation from Council Member Brandon “LAND” King which give away all of the cars and trucks as junk.  According the presentation King brings every car does not run despite the fact that most were driven to the Eddy Road location they now at.





Needless to say East Cleveland is a hot mess and while Norton and his crew search for anyway to get us off of their backs the city is finally joining together.  While there are a few folks ready to drink  the Norton Kool-Aid® most want no part of the the brainwashing Norton cable 9 and his insane town hall meetings like the one he just wasted time and spent money.

BrainWashing02Finally ask Gary Norton to disclose how much money he wastes just to call everyone on the phone for a brainwashing Town Hall meeting.  Ask Norton why he is not giving residents a chance to bid on used city vehicles rather than sell all for $17,00 to a junk yard that smashes them to send over to China as scrap metal.  Take the list and call any junk car business you may see on a street or pole sign and ask them how much they would pay to the tonnage seen at the Eddy Road service garage.

Now perhaps we can get the 600 signatures needed to place this on the ballot or at least make show of what we want and should anyone stop the people criminal charges are still an option.  If you are a East Cleveland registered voter who want to sign the petition or help us gather signatures feel free to call or text (216) 324-4783 email


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