Breast Cancer Awareness Program – EC Public Library 3/14/2015

March 15, 2015 – East Cleveland Public Library  (A Video Report)

A visit to the East Cleveland Public Library for no reason at all other than to just chill turned out to be a very important story much needed to be covered by 44112News.  Perhaps the visit was inspired by our late founder Ms. Bernice Ewing who now drives our site through divine intervention.DSCF5566

Breast Cancer in Black Women and why there are so many women of ALL colors, races who do not take advantage of early detection.   Since this website was started by three people and one of them Bernice Ewing did not survive cancer it is important that we try and help others to become survivors in her honor.

As the organizers from this event at the EC Library asked me to come and watch their presentation it dawned on me that Ms. Ewing was once again sending out a message to everyone in East Cleveland and for 44112News to report on a story not being covered by any other media.

DSCF5558Please pass the videos on to someone you love and all women should listen to the presentation in full despite our shaky camera operation at time.

The message is to get early detection, mammograms and take advantage of the many hospitals in the north east area.   We will add more information about future events as released.

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