2921.41 Theft in office – EC City Council, Mayor and others

DSCF5521East Cleveland Ohio City Council Members and Mayor will be possibly be facing criminal charges being filed by citizens upset with the sale of all old truck and cars to private metal scrap yards without offering them to the highest bidders.DSCF5534

In legislation drafted by East Cleveland Council Member Brandon King all of the vehicles will be sold for seventy-teen thousand dollars total with the public having no input on the deal.

2921.41 Theft in office

Because of the fact that East Cleveland Police are involved in this matter it will have to be filed with the Cuyahoga County Courts who then request  that the County Prosecutor and Sheriff conduct an investigation into the charges that will be filed by over one hundred residents.


Basically all who votes yes on the car deal are liable and the charges will include Dereliction of Duty in addition to Theft in Office.  Other charges to added in this matter will place into a felony investigation and perhaps trial.


Much of this comes as Mayor Gary Norton Jr. in his weekly meeting of his followers stated in front of that audience “You can put me upon the cross for East Cleveland” shocking most people who heard it.  East Cleveland City Council meets St. Patrick’s Day at 6:30 PM, City Hall where they can take the matter off the table or move forward to a vote next meeting.

Either way the whole town is watching this one action to see how many people are involved in the money actions of their city in East Cleveland Ohio.   The whole town is watching!

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