Council worried that Mayor Norton is suffering from a nervous breakdown

 Julinda Mi’Adolla

Subject: Tattler #25 – Council worried that Mayor Norton is suffering from a nervous breakdown  — CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Tattler #25

To every Editor, News Director and Cleveland area Reporter,

Mental illness is not funny so we’re not poking fun at Mayor Gary Norton this edition. Pathological lying is a mental illness. The clinical term for the mental condition is “Pseudologia Fantastica.” Read more The causes of pathological lying are identified as follows:
A dysfunctional family
Sexual or physical abuse in childhood

Neuropsychological abnormalities; such as borderline mental retardation, learning disabilities etc.
Impulse control disorders; such as kleptomania, pathological gambling, compulsive shopping.
Accommodating or suggestible personality traits
Personality disorders such as Sociopathic, Narcissistic, Borderline, Histrionic and more
Substance abuse or substance abuse in family

Norton is a pathological liar and every reporter in the Cleveland media market knows it based on the lies he told you that have turned out not to be true. Any reporter who quotes Gary without verifying what they’re told by him does a disservice to well-intentioned East Cleveland residents and government officials who sincerely care about the city they live in and are working diligently to protect. Every reporter, and the media organization that employs them, can be sued in civil court for defamation if you continue to print or broadcast lies Gary tells about people, particularly past elected officials, as fact when public records exist that assert different facts than those he verbally shares with them. There is a two year statute of limitation on defamation, libel and slander tort complaints in Ohio, so the Plain Dealer is still not off the hook for lies its reporters helped Norton spread about past officials earlier this year.

To the Plain Dealer editorial page writers who supported Gary for mayor in 2009, your false reporting has harmed East Cleveland residents in immeasurable ways. We strongly encourage you to correct the bad information you disseminated on his behalf over the last 33 months. To the reporters of WKYC, WEWS, WOIO and FOX8 who have helped Gary spread his lies to unsuspecting viewers who trusted you, either cover East Cleveland properly – which means reviewing public records and reporting from them not him – or you’ll get the same recenty treatment of the Plain Dealer’s news staff and more. You have no idea how much information has been gathered from public records about your private lives.

In the future, every media organization should know that we have acquired email contacts for each and every one of your advertisers. The time for fun and games is over. We will not only expose your inaccurate reporting to them, we will expose to the general public the problems many customers are having with your advertisers that you fail to report; and we’ll let your advertisers know they are being exposed because of their financial support for inaccurate reporting. We’re going to encourage conditions where lying local politicians will no longer find a welcome reporter as a listener.

America is in trouble. Ohio is in trouble. Greater Cleveland is in trouble. Now, more than ever before, Americans and greater Clevelanders must rely on accurate reporting to make informed decisions about those who govern their state, counties, cities, villages, townships, school boards, courts and numerous boards and commissions their taxes support, and that affect their lives. Americans should not tolerate a manipulative, inaccurate and free press that has only profit as a motive instead of a honoring the work of freedom loving journalists who laid down their lives to expose the truth about corrupt interests. Terry Egger can spend $15,000 to support county government reform if he makes that a personal choice. But the news room is no place for one-sided reporting to support an “out of town” publisher’s personal political agenda just because he has the power to push it.

In other words, get it right in your newsrooms. Accountability, from now on, is a two-way street. And if you don’t believe fat meat is greasy, try us. You don’t have a single person on any of your reporting or editorial staffs who has our experience and knowledge, and who has the independence and fearlessness to carry-out this promise I have made to you.

I’ve included an article about pathological liars below. Read it carefully. It fits Gary to a “T.”


Pathological Liar – Impulsive, Compulsive Lying, Self-Deception


Pathological Liar – All About PATHOLOGICAL LYING, Lying, Self-Deception, Types, Classification, from Pseudologia Fantastica to Habitual Lying.

Pathological Liar – Definition
Pathological liar refers to a liar that is compulsive or impulsive, lies on a regular basis and is unable to control their lying despite of foreseeing inevitable negative consequences or ultimate disclosure of the lie. Generally lies told by a pathological liar have self-defeating quality to them and don’t serve the long term material needs of the person. Therefore pathological lying is lying that is caused by a pathology, occurs on a regular basis, is compulsive or impulsive & uncontrolled, and has self-defeating, self-trapping quality to it.

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Lying or self-deception is a part of everyday human interactions. In many cases lying can be beneficial for those who lie and those who are being lied to. Most of this type of lying with positive consequences occurs in a controlled way, thoughtfully, with careful weighting of beneficial consequences. Unlike these, the lies told by a pathological liar are uncontrolled and are likely to have damaging consequences.

Pathological lying covers a wide range of lying behavior, from pseudologia fantastica to habitual lying. Lying is a commonly found clinical component with people who suffer from impulse control disorders such as gambling, compulsive shopping, substance abuse, kleptomania etc. Pathological lying is generally caused by a combination of factors, which may include genetic components, dysfunctional or insecure childhood, dyslexia or other type of cerebral dysfunction. Such conditions may host environment that is likely to emerge chronic or pathological lying as an adaptive defense mechanism. Dysfunctional family, parental overprotection, sibling rivalry, mental retardation are among many causes of pathological lying.


Low Self-Esteem And Pathological Lying
Low self-esteem is a commonly found feature in pathological liars. The lie maybe an attempt to feel good about themselves, generally for a short period of time, similar to the effect of drugs & alcohol. The same lie or deceit repeated over and over may create a myth of personal well-being or success or displacement of faults of own failures on others, thus creating an imaginary fantasy protection bubble, which may reinforce self-esteem. Pathological liars repeatedly use deceit as an ego defense mechanism, which is primarily caused by the lack of ability to cope with everyday problems in more mature ways (Selling 1942).


Pathological Liar – Causes
Causes of development of pathological lying can be, but are not limited to, one or more of the factors mentioned below:

A dysfunctional family;
Sexual or physical abuse in childhood;
Neuropsychological abnormalities; such as borderline mental retardation, learning disabilities etc.
Impulse control disorders; such as kleptomania, pathological gambling, compulsive shopping.
Accommodating or suggestible personality traits;
Personality disorders such as Sociopathic, Narcissistic, Borderline, Histrionic and more;
Substance abuse or substance abuse in family;

Pathological Liar – Types

Daydreaming Pathological Liar – Pseudologia Fantastica
Some of the more extreme forms of pathological lying is Pseudologia Fantastica. This is a matrix of facts & fiction, mixed together in a way that makes the reality and fantasy almost indistinguishable. The pseudologue type pathological liar makes up stories that seem possible on the surface, but over time things start falling apart. Pseudologues have dynamic approach to their lies, they are likely to change the story if confronted or faced with disbelief, they have excessive anxiety of being caught and they desperately try to modify their story to something that would seem plausible to create or preserve a sense of self that is something they wish they were or at least something better than they fear others would find out they are. The excessive anxiety is driven by unusually low self-esteem, the person tries to hide reality by creating a fake reality, and once the story has enduring quality to it, he/she is likely to repeat it and if repeated enough times he/she might start believing in it as well. This reality escape can be triggered of a past incident or of an unbearable present for the pseudologue.

About 30% of daydreaming pathological liars have brain dysfunction. For some it may take the form of learning disabilities, ex. dyslexia. Often those with cerebral dysfunction have greater verbal production & lower developed logical, analytical parts of the brain, thus they often fail to control verbal output.


Habitual Liar
Habitual pathological lying is, as the name suggest, habitual. Habitual liar lies so frequently, that it becomes a habit, as a result, he/she puts very little effort in giving a thought about what the output is going to be, nor does he/she care much to process whether it’s a lie or not, it’s simply a reflex & very often can be completely unnecessary or even opposite to his/her own needs. If he/she stops & thinks about it, he/she knows clearly it’s a lie.

Habitual liars lie for a variety of reasons, which include, but are not limited to:

Take advantage of the situation or misguide a rival
Avoid confrontation or punishment
Cover up lack of knowledge
Cover up embarrassment
To entertain oneself or others
Reinforce self-esteem, because of failing own expectation
Receive unearned praise or avoid disappointment or disproval
For no reason whatsoever
Habitual liars gives very few if any psychical or vocal signs of lying, due to the effortless nature of lying. That said, since he/she gives a very little thought to his/her lies, they are usually inconsistent & obvious.

Fear is a major contributor in developing habitual lying in a child & further advancement into adulthood, more so in conditions when the child finds truth telling results in more frequent or more severe punishment. Lack of appreciating and likelihood of unwanted consequences of telling the truth may result in frequent opting out for lying, which often involves less punishment & therefore becomes more desirable.


Impulsive Pathological Liar – Impulse Control Disorders & Lying
Impulsive pathological liar lies due to impulse control problem, he/she lies to fulfill his/her present (in the moment) needs, without thinking of future negative effects that can be caused because of the lie. Impulsive pathological liar generally suffers from impulse control disorders, such as kleptomania, pathological gambling, compulsive shopping etc. Those suffering from impulse control disorders fail to learn from past negative experiences, frequently suffer from depression, likely to have history of substance abuse in family or have substance abuse problems themselves, likely to have deficiency in brain serotonin. Increase in brain serotonin may have positive effect in decreasing impulsiveness, such medication may have positive effects, however there hasn’t been clinical research performed to confirm or deny this theory.


Substance Abuse Associated Pathological Liar
Self-Deception is an undeniable part of addictive process. People abuse alcohol or other drugs constantly lie to themselves & others to avoid embarrassment, conflict, as well as to obtain the substance. Getting off substance requires learning to distance oneself from the deceit, therefore learning to be truthful is generally a part of any Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous program.


Signs of Lying
Human detection of deceit can be summarized by the following seven signs.

7 Signs of Lying

Disguised smiling
Lack of head movement
Increased rate of self-adapters (eg., movements such playing with an object in hands, scratching one’s head etc.)
Increased/Heightened pitch of voice
Reduced rate of speech
Pause fillers (“uh”, “hm”, “er”)
Less corresponding, matching nonverbal behavior from the other communication methods (ex. the movement of hands doesn’t match the substance of the lie that is being told orally)
Reference: (Fiedler, Walka, Zuckerman, Driver, Ford)

Read more

One Comment to Council worried that Mayor Norton is suffering from a nervous breakdown

  1. Valery Hill says:

    A man who will cheat on his wife is not above cheating on the citizens of East Cleveland; neither is he above distorting the truth, or otherwise deceiving the citizenry. His wickedness consumes him and leaves him to public shame. Mayor Norton’s level of dishonesty and his reprehensible behavior in office is no more than can be expected from a man who shows such little regard for the woman he promised to love and the children who adore him. In as much as he has no compassion for them, how can we think he has any for us? And if he can’t be trusted to honor his own family–to keep them safe and secure in his arms, how can we, the citizens of East Cleveland, place our trust in him? Above all else, this is the question that we must ask ourselves. How can we trust a man who cannot be trusted at home? Vote YES on East Cleveland Issue 48.

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