St. Patrick’s Day East Cleveland City Council Meeting

May 19, 2015 – East Cleveland Ohio City Council Meeting from 3/17/2015


The St. Patrick’s Day Meeting of city council got started with a surprise visit from Mayor Gary Norton who actually stayed the entire meeting without walking out. With the new but silent Law Director by his side and no Finance Manger the only thing missing was leprechaun.

Many people are watching the sale of all used city vehicles for a “Monty Hall” price of seventeen-thousand dollars total. Some of the cars being sold cost the city thirty-thousand dollars but are being sold as junk to be crushed and shipped over to China.DSCF5588

DSCF5590It is expected the Council President Barbara Thomas, Thomas Wheeler and Brandon King will vote to sell the vehicles without giving anyone including other junk yards who would be willing to pay much more that the going out of business Gary Norton and Brandon King are cooking up.

City residents are preparing to file criminal charges against all who votes yes at the very next city council meeting on this give-away sale of vehicles.

Little bully Norton had a EC Cop at the door looking stupid but prepared to protect Norton from anyone who talked bad about him. At the very end of the meeting Norton walked out and in his normal way called a resident something other than his name and the EC cop and one of his followers went out into the hallway.

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