Councilman Thomas Wheeler – Trash Talk


East Cleveland City Councilman Thomas Wheeler is clearly one of the nicest people in the city who have no clue how to help the people of Ward Three which are his elected ward.  To date he has not managed to hold an election meeting and needs of residents go unanswered.DSCF5597

Normally when someone gets elected in East Cleveland they are happy to put their picture up in city hall but Wheeler has yet to pose for a picture in city hall.

In the past there were regular meetings where residents could talk about their needs to former councilwoman Chantelle C. Lewis and she would bring them forward with the mayor or wherever help was needed.

In the case of Thomas Wheeler he is very happy to hear a complaint if residents can locate his telephone number to call him or leave the complaint with the council office, but action simply does not happen.



Clearly the job of councilman for East Cleveland Ward Three is much more than expected and some citizens are asking this cool collective city councilman to simply resign and let someone else save ward three.elderwoodave

HOWEVER, as a test for Councilman Thomas Wheeler comes the East Cleveland trash and junk yard or streets of Elderwood and Page Streets which are simply a mess, filled with junk in the middle of the streets, tires and other items up and down the streets.  It is now an established place for outsiders to simply dump their trash in the middle of the streets.


What the residents are looking at is whether Councilman Wheeler does more than talk and instead finds a way to clean up the Elderwood and Page Streets before they get out of hand.  If he can’t do that job the residents would be more than happy if he simply resigned and let someone else save the day for Ward Three.

Should Thomas Wheeler decide to have his first ward meeting since being elected there are several churches and facilities in Ward Three who would open their door and hear Wheeler’s plan to help the people of Ward Three.


Not more trash talk, action is what is needed on Page and Elderwood Streets and in East Cleveland Ward Three from  Elected  East Cleveland City Councilman Thomas Wheeler.  Either fix it or leave it and right now ward three residents are seeing for themselves if they dare drive on Elderwood or Page Avenues.

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