Unfair but needed Cash Corner – Shaw & Hayden Avenues

44112News.com has received many calls about the corner of Hayden and Shaw Avenues not having a working traffic light and the near misses happening there daily.  A camera was set-up in the intersection to show the East Cleveland Police ready to give drivers moving violation tickets for running the intersection without making a complete stop.

Drivers are required by state law to come to a complete stop when traffic lights are no working such as at this intersection.  This intersection would be a viable traffic stop for East Cleveland Police if the city were to mount up the stop signs in visible places and also tell drivers there is a problem ahead.

This intersection ran with a red light in the on position forcing drivers to wait and then go through the stop light on their own.  It’s been very confusing for drivers to figure out what the city is doing at Hayden and Shaw Avenues.

Stop signs present a new danger because there is also no traffic light and many people just run through the intersection nearly causing accidents.  The solution is just to put the stop signs on poles and make them visible or fix the traffic light by repairing the wires and replacing one defective bulb.

In the mean time as show on the video East Cleveland Police will continue to give out moving violation tickets to anyone confused or not coming to a complete stop at this intersection.  Maybe Mayor Gary Norton and Michael Smedley can take some of the money they are getting from real estate and property sales to but four stop sign poles and make this a safer intersection.

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