100 More Signatures Needed – Ward 2,3,4

When this recall started there was only one East Cleveland Council person who believed the time to recall Mayor Gary Norton was now. Ward 4, 3, and 2 council people have not yet helped get any signatures and they are remaining silent.   With 1100 signatures the total we wanted is clearly in front of us.DSCF5402

We now need just 100 more signatures by this Thursday, March 26, 2015 and since East Cleveland City Council with the exception of Nathaniel Martin do not want to see any changes in the city we now need the people of Wards 2,3, and 4 (Thomas, Wheeler, Baker) to take over for their silent council members and gather up some registered voters and their signatures.

DSC04735Tonight 3/24/2015 we will have the petitions for you to sign at city hall starting at 5:00 PM and going through the end of the council meeting. There is still time for any registered to vote citizens to circulate and get 20 names from their streets.


We can’t let Gary Norton or any of his naysayers to stop our effort to save the city we love and it is truly time for the corruption to end. A small group of people has delivered almost all of the signatures needed with the exception of this last one hundred East Cleveland registered voters. If you are trying to locate a place to sign the petition text or call: (216) 324-4783.

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