With 60 signatures left – Candidates for Mayor come forward



With sixty signatures needed to complete the recall petition to fire East Cleveland mayor Gary Norton candidates interested in running in the special election are coming forward.

The third candidate is Mr. Robert L. Heflin who is now forming his campaign team and preparing to run for the next Mayor of East Cleveland.   Prior to this EC City Councilmen Nathaniel Martin and Mansell Baker have indicated that they are interested in the mayor’s spot.

With only sixty signatures left to complete the recall petition today is the last day to sign up or go after those last signatures needed.  The recall group has gathered 1140 signatures of the goal 1200.

44112News.com is NOT endorsing any candidate but since Mayor Gary Norton has taken the public access channel away from the people the only way to let people hear what is going on is through this site. However we are wishing all of the men and women who will run for mayor good luck and if you need to put something on the site everyone will have equal opportunity.

Today 3/25/2015 1:00 PM. the East Cleveland Financial Planning and Supervision Commission, East Cleveland Library (Downstairs) people will hear what is going on in the city finances.  We will also have petition available to sign or circulate.   

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