East Cleveland drivers being held hostages



Senate Bill 342 was signed into law by Ohio Governor John Kasich in December 2014 and became official Monday March 23, 2014.  Senate Bill 342, sponsored by Sen. Bill Seitz (R., Cincinnati), would require a police officer be present at camera locations to personally witness a violation before a civil citation could be issued.
Read more at http://www.toledoblade.com/local/2014/12/19/Ohio-governor-signs-into-law-new-regulations-on-red-light-speed-enforcement-cameras.html#bGbQvohBLmgeHZHc.99


EAST CLEVELAND OH – 3/27/2015 – Forget about the whole street of potholes on Hayden Avenue in East Cleveland Ohio that has drivers breaking axles and has become the top flat tire generating street in the city.


Today drivers are being held hostage by the company supplying automated traffic camera enforcement for the city, American Transit Solutions (ATS) from Tempe, Arizona.

It appears that East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr. has made an agreement to allow the company to continue issuing out traffic citations despite the state law currently enacted.


ATS uses mobile cameras and pole mounted units to issue drivers tickets and there are no police present.  At present East Cleveland Police are looking for part time officers but they will not be at any of the traffic cam units.

Calls to Governor Kasich’s office have not been returned concerning what residents can do about Mayor Norton’s deal with ATS.  Until someone stops what is going on between the mayor and company tickets are being written out daily.

If you are driving through East Cleveland Ohio watch out for the potholes on Hayden Avenue and smile for the traffic camera on all EC streets.

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