No Hope for Pope – EC Contract Committee snubs James Pope

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 3/24/2015 – EC City Council Contract & Property Committee meeting met for the first time in 2015 and started discussion of real estate sales that were pending. Not much to report other than the wrong treatment EC Land Baron Mr. James Pope received as he applied to own a piece of property he took claim to for several years.DSCF4725

Since we have already talked about the ethics of elected and appointed people to buy property from East Cleveland and even sent a letter to the Ohio Ethics Commission it appears that no one must have read that letter returned in the Brandon “LAND” King case.

Mr. James Pope is a member of the Mayor Gary Norton Jr. group called Neighborhood Advisory Board and they are the group charged with sales of land bank property. Everyone in East Cleveland and the world can purchase property if they meet the requirements and as long as the property is available to everyone Neighborhood Advisory Board members and City Council Members should be allowed to spend their money buying property.


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