Criminal charges or Recall against some EC City Council Members


The EC Car Lot On Eddy Road



East Cleveland Ohio – 3/28/2015 – Only East Cleveland City Council can stop Mayor Gary Norton Jr. from giving away all of the used cars and trucks for $17,000 – Seven-Teen Thousand Dollars total to a very friendly dealer.  Two of the members already state that they will  vote NO to the idea of giving away cars and trucks without giving residents and other bidders a chance to purchase them at auction.


Antonio Marshall (Green) and Michael Smedley

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Here is a listing of the truck and cars being given away by Mayor Gary Norton Jr.


East Cleveland City Council President Barbara J. Thomas

Only a few selected companies were chosen and no ad was placed on Craigslist or The Cleveland Plain Dealer for bids. Here is the list of people selected:

East Cleveland City Council will give away these trucks and cars some worth over 20 thousand dollars by themselves to one of their selected dealers who will crush and sell all of this metal for many times more than what the city is giving away.DSCF5613

Residents state that they plan on filing criminal charges against every council person who votes yes on the sale of these cars and or starting recall proceedings .  Clearly this is one exposed sale that needs to be offered to citizens and also advertised in the local news paper for the best prices on these cars and trucks.

With Mayor Gary Norton and his band of merry men and women need to retract this sale before it gets the city council men and woman in trouble.  Council will have a chance to take this off the table at the agenda review before first meeting in April 2015.


Many car tires have been used in current vehicles

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