Mr. Grinch’s Worst Roads in East Cleveland Part TWO


EAST CLEVELAND OH – 3/31/2015 – Hayden Road continues to be the worst road in the City of East Cleveland Ohio however the small street patch team took on some of the larger holes.  Using only a very small amount of cold patch the crew started west to east trying to patch up what they could do.

IMG_1525Working with cold patch is just a temporary repair that should be backed up with hot asphalt repair but the city has no immediate plans or the equipment needed to put hot materials IMG_1528down.  It will require an outside contractor to do the job and since Hayden Avenue is not seen by most as the other major street it may continue to be pothole city.

It will take one hundred times more asphalt than the crew was using today to handle the entire street.  And since RTA buses use this highway to put the east side buses from the Hayden Garage on the road much of the work done today may not be the solution.   RTA should at least give East Cleveland some cold patch since their buses do a big part of the damage on the street.



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