Six Police Officers sent to handle a One Man Protest

IMG_1542EAST CLEVELAND OH – 4/2/2015 – EC Mayor Gary Norton spent a fortune inviting the entire city to his “Merger Party” at the McGregor Nursing Home high atop the city of East Cleveland. Strangely no one wondered why the Mayor was a holding a private party using city funds.


Norton sent out first class letters to every home in East Cleveland and his personal public access channel “Norton Network” on cable channel nine broadcast invites 24 hours of the day. The mayor also made robot calls twice a day to remind folks they must attend this private event.

The goal was for Norton to get the people of East Cleveland to want to merge their city with the city of Cleveland and also help him get a better job in Cleveland. Norton’s view would eliminate the East Cleveland Schools, Library and most of the employees at City Hall. Despite the fact that they the employees will be unemployed many of them have been told that the city of Cleveland will hire them with open arms by Mayor Norton.

A protest was scheduled but the East Cleveland residents became afraid of the six man police force sent to quash the protest. Since no one in East Cleveland seemed to be brave enough to go against Mayor Norton and his trusty side-kick Michael Smedley (The Enforcer) this one man protest took shape and handled the police force using hidden cameras.

Some brave citizens came over and signed the recall petition right in front of the six man police squad and many others heard the website being shouted out from the corner. Poor $80 thousand dollars a year to do nothing Michael Smedley tried to bring his camera and intimidate but as always the young man made a complete fool of himself.

There were no arrests and the majority of the police sent to stop anyone from speaking up either inside or outside did not stop the verbal messages being sent out. After-all it’s just another typical day in the dictatorship of East Cleveland Ohio. ┬áThe second recall petition is now gaining some supporters after people were jammed in to hear Gary Norton say his misinformation.

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