Big night on A.M. Radio for East Cleveland

EAST CLEVELAND OH – 4/5/2015 – Exciting night in East Cleveland OH for radio listeners with two shows talking about the city of East Cleveland OH. The night starts at 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM on the Art McKoy University of Common Sense show on WERE AM 1490.

Callers need to call (216) 578-1490 early if they want to be heard, don’t wait until the line are busy. This is common sense radio from a crew that can take calls, texts or see you on Facebook.


At 8:00 PM switch stations to WTAM 1100 AM to hear East Cleveland former Mayor Eric Brewer live on the radio and taking calls on The Forum with Mansfield Frazier – 1100 AM. If Frazier is a man of his word this show will focus on East Cleveland and he will allow Brewer some time to talk and take callers.

Both shows can be heard using two different radio applications for your phone and computer so don’t even try and pick these up on the radio unless you are driving at the time.

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