Barbara Thomas and others may face criminal Charges

DSCF5663EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 4/7/2015 – Residents upset over East Cleveland City Council President  Barbara Thomas selling out the city with her yes vote on the sale of used city vehicles without giving anyone a chance to bid have some citizens planning criminal charges.

Mayor Gary Norton picked someone he knew to get a super deal on vehicles including several trucks worth ten thousand dollars each, the sale was made final with Barbara Thomas voting yes.  Norton and Thomas invited three East Cleveland Police officers to the meeting as a show of force and Thomas even tried to show residents that she would have anyone speaking up ejected or even arrested.


While residents did not expect Norton sponsored council members Brandon “LAND” King and Thomas Wheeler to do anything but vote the way Norton wanted,  there was thought that Barbara Thomas would vote the way her constituents wanted.   Instead she voted against what the people wanted and it seemed that perhaps some type of deal was worked out to benefit everyone except EC Citizens.

Now the people of East Cleveland are faced with filing criminal charges against long time city council person Barbara Thomas and the entire Norton crew including  his two sponsored council members.DSCF5665

Council Members Mansell Baker and Nathaniel Martin vehemently voted no and urged a deal where the city could get the highest bid rather than go along with Norton’s plan to sell to one of his selected friends.  The fact that this sale was never advertised in the Cleveland Plain Dealer also played a part in Baker and Martin standing up for East Cleveland Citizens and voting against the sale of vehciles.

There will be a meeting with the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor and Sheriff’s office to gather all the criminal complaints and begin an investigation into possible charges being filed by many East Cleveland Citizens against Barbara Thomas and others.  

Anyone interested in filing a criminal complaint should email  include your phone number and best time to reach you.

Please NO Calls on this matter as information is confidential and no details can be released.

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