Helluva East Cleveland City Council Meeting 4/7/2015

EAST CLEVELAND OH – Citizens outraged at the actions of Barbara Thomas prepare to state their criminal case with Cuyahoga County Prosecutor and the Cleveland F.B.I. and several other undisclosed offices. ┬áBased upon the city council meeting where the people tried to ask the council to not sell all the old city vehicles for pennies on the dollar.

East Cleveland President of Council Barbara Thomas became the “swing vote” selling the vehicles despite pleas from her own ward constituents to not vote yes, Thomas joined the two Norton sponsored councilmen to sell the vehicles.DSCF5611

Now a group of citizens will take their case directly to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor asking that this case be investigated and prosecuted.  Named in the citizens case are Barbara Thomas, Gary Norton, Michael Smedley, and several others involved including the junk yard owner once he picks up all the vehicles.

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